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The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…

4 Gateways of Soul Liberation

This guided spiritual meditation takes you on a journey through 4 phases of Liberation. If you are experiencing any form of stress, struggle, anxiety, depression, dark night of the soul, difficult/challenging experience – this journey is designed to support you in Surrendering to Source. Or simply if you want to move deeper into Surrender withContinue reading “4 Gateways of Soul Liberation”

Karmic Relationships

There are many definitions of karmic relationships and essentially they relate to the souls that we meet lifetime after lifetime and choose to have experiences with. These experiences carry karma because the lessons are usually unfinished as well as the interactions between the souls create more karma (cause and effect) to be balanced out andContinue reading “Karmic Relationships”

Reality of Relationships

Adya and I are delving deeper into healing core themes around relationships…I used to have a very polarised view of relationships. It was either perfected fairytale bliss when I viewed others. Or it was dysfunctional when I had my own!How did others find it so easy when mine brought up so much? I could sayContinue reading “Reality of Relationships”

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