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Latest Articles

The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…

Reality of Relationships

Adya and I are delving deeper into healing core themes around relationships…I used to have a very polarised view of relationships. It was either perfected fairytale bliss when I viewed others. Or it was dysfunctional when I had my own!How did others find it so easy when mine brought up so much? I could sayContinue reading “Reality of Relationships”


My whole Life I have been running on some level or another.Running from my problemsRunning towards quick fixesRunning from responsibilityRunning towards daydreamsRunning from my selfRunning towards others Today I am on a journey of Meeting… The uncharted terrain of my Soul. My personality. This human being. I look back and see I have mostly beenContinue reading “Running”

Loneliness vs Solitude

There is a difference between Loneliness and Solitude. This is an especially important theme right now with what has been happening since the pandemic began.  For most of my childhood, adolescence and early 20’s I felt deeply alone. This was the time of my depression and I continuously sought connection. Every moment was agonising asContinue reading “Loneliness vs Solitude”

Vaz’s Podcast: The Lightworker’s Journey

Navigating these Times of Polarisation Spiritual Awakening with Vaz

It seems that the world has become so divisive, conflicting over anything. It seems that we're unable to have a conversation about anything without threat of an argument…so what is going on? Why would this even happen? Would possible positive benefit could these times have in store for what awaits us all? In this episode I discuss what recent years and lessons of Depolarisation have taught me in approaching these times with a very different approach I used to. This is part of an ongoing series of podcasts related to the nature of polarisation. The road to Unity Consciousness is paved with many mirrors!
  1. Navigating these Times of Polarisation
  2. Brief Catch Up & Thank you
  3. Lighthouse Meditation: For Manifestation & Synchronicity
  4. Connecting to your Divine Plan & Destiny (Meditation)
  5. Energy Update – November 2020: Finding the Eye in the Storm