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Namaste Friend and welcome to my website. Explore through here for a wide range of Healing, Transformation, Self Empowering Mediations, Articles & Deep Experiences….All designed for your Soul Awakening. I am deeply passionate about your empowerment and this comes largely from having emerged from over 15 years of intense depression. Enjoy the wide range of services I have on this website, including Free Meditations, Articles & Deeper Work through my Collections and Live Events & Training…
I wish you well on your sacred journey.


Soul Awakening Weekend, March 2022

Receive higher dimensional codes, frequencies to accelerate your Awakening journey via multidimensional transmissions & activations. Journey with the Divine through devotional prayer, meditation, ritual & ceremony. Meet other beautiful souls on the path.

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Free Meditations & Guided Journeys

Explore Vaz’s Meditations, Healing Journeys & Transmissions. These are offered free as part of your spiritual growth & connection journey. Meditations offer us a beautiful space to reconnect to what is Sacred.

Deeper Healing

Delve deeper into your Soul’s journey with a wide range of powerful and transformative Healing experiences. From Attunements to Activations. Work deeper with your Guides. Heal life long themes…

Divine I AM Training

Learn how to Channel Transmissions for Self, Clients and Groups with Vaz’s channeled healing system: Divine I AM Transmissions. Explore more on how to become a Divine I AM Practitioner

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The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…

Change & Your Soul’s Calling

We are all experiencing tremendous Change during these times. Change leads to Evolution and Expansion. If we want Change and we want to live in accordance to our soul’s desires rather than our human fears, then it usually involves sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes has a connotation that we are having to give up something precious toContinue reading “Change & Your Soul’s Calling”

(Guided Journey) Akashic Records: Your Multidimensional Story

The Akashic Records are a multidimensional library carrying the soul vibrations and stories of all souls on planet earth. They are a multi-layered source of endless information and learning that represent the Past, Present & Future. Your story is multi-layered across your lifetimes and the Akashic Records holds these. We will be working with theContinue reading “(Guided Journey) Akashic Records: Your Multidimensional Story”