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The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…


Vaz’s Podcast: The Lightworker’s Journey

Connecting to your Divine Plan & Destiny (Meditation) The Lightworker's Journey

This is a journey to meet your Journey! Your sacred life is an incredible fluid, moving and living path. It flows through you and connects all of the experiences you have ever had and all the possibilities of what may be to come. This guided meditation creates a meeting for you to send love into your past and future and to synchronise with the Greater Path ~ The Grand Plan overseeing us all.
  1. Connecting to your Divine Plan & Destiny (Meditation)
  2. Energy Update – November 2020: Finding the Eye in the Storm
  3. Prayer to Release Suffering (for Difficult times or Dark Night of the Soul)
  4. 10 Minute Chakra Affirmation
  5. Energy Update – October 2020: The Conscious / Spiritual Movement & the Shadow