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The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…

Lemuria Rising

Journey deep into Lemuria, Telos and your Heart ❤ Meet your Lemurian Guide – Allow this guide into your life to begin assisting you in your life experiences, to be more Heart Centered – so you can be less reactive, fearful, unsure and more compassionate, light-hearted, joyful❤ Receive a transformative Crystalline Heart Activation. Awakening yourContinue reading “Lemuria Rising”

Perfect Time for Learning

During this period of “lockdown”, it is a perfect opportunity for Creation.

Vaz’s Podcast: The Lightworker’s Journey

Enter the Forest: Meet the Great Mystery ~ Guided Journey The Lightworker’s Journey

This is a guided meditation to take you on a journey to meet the Great Mystery. This Eternal Essence is within you, around you, guiding you, supporting you, blessing you…watching over you. When we meet the Mystery we reactivate our inner Spiritual Connection to All That Is. We Remember that we are indeed loved and we awaken our Inner Love. We drop further into the Present moment and hear the language of Reality, always whispering and guiding us Home.
  1. Enter the Forest: Meet the Great Mystery ~ Guided Journey
  2. Being Responsible for your Dreams
  3. Evening Prayer – Meditation
  4. Guided Journey: The Healing Sanctuary
  5. Daily Prayer For Alignment, Spiritual Connection & Synchronicity