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Namaste Friend and welcome to my website. Explore through here for a wide range of Healing, Transformation, Self Empowering Mediations, Articles & Deep Experiences….All designed for your Soul Awakening. I am deeply passionate about your empowerment and this comes largely from having emerged from over 15 years of intense depression. Enjoy the wide range of services I have on this website, including Free Meditations, Articles & Deeper Work through my Collections and Live Events & Training…
I wish you well on your sacred journey.

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I regularly lead transformative live healing experiences, as well as with my partner Adya Nova. These range from Chakra Healing, Relationship Healing to working with your Spirit & Star Guides. All designed for your Greater Awakening and Spiritual Connection.

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Explore Vaz’s Meditations, Healing Journeys & Transmissions. These are offered free as part of your spiritual growth & connection journey. Meditations offer us a beautiful space to reconnect to what is Sacred.

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Delve deeper into your Soul’s journey with a wide range of powerful and transformative Healing experiences. From Attunements to Activations. Work deeper with your Guides. Heal life long themes…

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Learn how to Channel Transmissions for Self, Clients and Groups with Vaz’s channeled healing system: Divine I AM Transmissions. Explore more on how to become a Divine I AM Practitioner

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The Journey Begins with the Journey Within…

Earth Star Chakra

The transpersonal chakras are multidimensional in nature and represent important elements for our consciousness. The Earth Star Chakra (Vasundhara) – also known as the Super Root – is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be between 6-7Continue reading “Earth Star Chakra”

Loving Mercury

Mercury retrograde has a bad rap. We’re often taught to have a negative association with this time as it brings up all of the miscommunication, shadow and projections. Also we hear so often: ‘dont book anything or travel’. I used to move through retrograde fine (obliviously) before I knew anything about it.Then I went throughContinue reading “Loving Mercury”

Blessing Those Who Have What We Want

We’re so used to pushing away things that feel uncomfortable. I used to feel dirty when I felt competitive. Or jealous or envious. These are words that usually trigger unconscious shame…. Especially in spirituality where we ‘know’ everyone is equal and deserving…yet we cannot help feel insecure when someone is doing something or experiencing somethingContinue reading “Blessing Those Who Have What We Want”