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New Course: Living in the Mystery

Living in the mystery offers alternative approaches to some of the key concepts we explore in spirituality: from guidance, intuition, faith, and surrender to manifestation, destiny, synchronicity. The course presents ideas and insights on how to meet reality as we acknowledge that we – as a consciousness – have fundamentally changed.

New Course: Peace through Acceptance

This course provides insights, concepts, and real life experiences on how to use the concept of acceptance to access inner peace. Vaz emerged from over 15 years of depression and learned along his spiritual path that he was seeking an intangible form of peace, which was ever elusive.


I love to Create. To Express and Share experiences that can support others like you in reconnecting to the Divine. To your sacred heritage. To your inner Source. There is something incredibly beautiful for me when I see another soul Remember who they truly are, even for a moment.

My journey has been extreme – of both beauty and challenge. However it has shown me that within us all is the power to rise up to our challenges – to not only overcome them, yet to see them as treasures to utilise for our benefit.

I experienced an intense depression from 9 to 24 years old and tried many methods to emerge. During this time I worked in the City in London and like so many around me, I felt lost, directionless and as much as I enjoyed my time with others, I felt there was something inside that ached to be filled.

I have been open to Spirit since a child and explored many religious texts and doctrines, in an attempt to find a language that spoke to me. It wasn’t until I began exploring psychology, energy healing and modern spiritual growth that I felt my soul beginning to stir and wake up more fully.

When I was 23 I spontaneously ‘channel wrote’ a book that became the core material I used to emerge from depression (I have since published this, Infinite Being). In it were concepts of Reflection, Loving Your Ego, Embracing Your Dark Side and Self Acceptance that seemed counter-intuitive to what I was reading outside. Yet they provided me with a deeper understanding of unconditional love and perhaps more importantly, how to implement this into my life.

Since I emerged from depression, I realised that deep within every single person is the same ability to tap into their own power, love, wisdom, gifts and more. I also realised we are very much programmed to believe that there are impossible situations that we cannot escape from…yet there is always a way out. There is a higher design occurring. There is incredible support waiting, from Spirit, if we are able to reach out for it.

In 2007 I set up a meetup group that became the London College of Spirituality from a passion for community. Over the years LCS attracted over 16,000 members and we served the city with spiritual talks, workshops, healing experiences and more. I have since focused on my own work and create meditations, prayers, healing experiences to hopefully gift others with a window to access their own Soul. My core drive is Service. I believe if we can bring this into our life through Service to Self and Service to Others, we can feel incredibly fulfilled and become beneficial to all.

Founder of Divine I AM Transmissions – Channeled Energy Healing System, Reiki Master (Usui & Tera Mai), Light Grids Practitioner, Theta Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Metatronic Practitioner. Relevant education: Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2 yrs), Person Centered Psychotherapy (1 yr)