Prayer to Open to Spirit

Great Spirit, Thank you for this gift of life, for my breath, for my presence here on Earth
Thank you for today’s sunrise.

As I breathe, I feel your love flow through me. I feel the One Breath breathe into all life.
Today I call upon my Divine I AM essence, my eternal source of love, my expression of Joy, my innocent Self connected to all Beings, to awaken within me.

To align my consciousness, with my Earthly Self.

To remind me I am Love.

To awaken the higher wisdoms of unconditional love.

To feel with Love, See with Love, Hear with Love, Know with Love

I call upon the Four Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire

I invite my Soul Family, my Star Family, my Ancestors. The High Council of Light. The Goddesses of Compassion. The Elementals of Joy. The Devas of Creation. The Source of Unconditional Love

I invoke the Light within me. I ask for Acceptance of all things in my life.

I ask for Love, the Love of Source, to flow through me like a river.

I am ready to Love
I am ready to be Loved
I am ready to Be Love



This prayer can also be observed here:

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