Sacred Union Healing: The Wounded Feminine & Wounded Masculine

We often feel that we are working to balance our Masculine and Feminine, yet we also need to look deeper into these themes to assist with our healing. There is a current idea that the world has become too masculine and needs to balance with feminine principles.

Whilst its absolutely lacking in terms of feminine principles, the world has actually polarised to a distorted (wounded) masculine rather than a true masculine energy.

And for many sensitive souls there is generally a polarisation to a distorted (wounded) feminine.

It is important we look at these themes less as a Men/Women scenario and more as the feminine and masculine frequencies that are within each of us.

Here are some themes that may resonate:

Wounded Feminine Principles


  • Too Allowing
  • Hyper Sensitivity (there is a difference between hyper sensitivity and empathy)
  • Too receptive
  • Waiting for things to happen
  • Rejection of Material, Practicality, Rational logic, Responsibility
  • Money Issues: Rejection of practicality of life
  • Fantasy driven, Magical Thinking
  • Fear of conflict
  • Fear of handling situations
  • Disempowerment around others
  • Playing it Meek
  • Fear of being egotistical
  • Excessively validating others and/or excessively seeking validation from others
  • Excessively Emotional (emotions out of control)Unresolved pain/fear towards the Masculine as a whole (symbolised through projection onto Men or masculine orientated Women)

Wounded Masculine Principles


  • Alpha = Winner
  • Winner/Loser
  • Domination
  • Force
  • Abuse of Power (to feel big)
  • Falsely relaying one’s accomplishments
  • Extreme Rationalism
  • Rejection of Intuition, Allowance, Receptivity
  • Relationship Issues: Fear of intimacy, rejection of intimacy
  • Disconnected to Life, People, Self
  • Excessively Competitive
  • Fear of being seen as weak
  • Fear of Emotions (emotions are suppressed)
  • Playing it Big (distortion)Inability to praise another
  • Unresolved pain/fear towards the Feminine as a whole (symbolised through projection onto Women or feminine orientated Men)

So how do we balance?

To first balance we first acknowledge the Shadow.

The Shadow teaches us Everything.

It teaches us that what are triggered by is seeking resolution within.

So initially it can more helpful to look at the polar opposite distorted principles before looking at the balanced ones.


Because they will show us what is triggering us and what actually requires balance!

Which ones of these traits are driving you nuts?

There is balance being sought by your Being as it attempts to reach across the pole — and find your balance.

This is why we react, get triggered — its our soul’s way of letting us know,

“Hey, look at this,

This is a trait that is opposite to what we have,

Lets bring it closer because we actually need some of its medicine!”

Usually for the distorted feminine, it culminates in a rejection of power, ego. For the distorted masculine, it is usually encapsulated by a rejection of emotions, intuition and openness.

Whilst one may look the better to us, this really shows us how polarised we have become — within ourselves. It is critical we let go of the external stories — whether collective or past stories around these principles. These will only cloud us further. These stories are meant to reveal our shadows rather than strengthen polarised ideas further.

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine


What does it look like?

Divine Feminine qualities can include:

Intuition, Nurturing, Receptivity, Magnetism, Tenderness, Rejuvenation, Connection, Flexibility, Flow, Fertility, Gentleness, Beingness, Surrender, Faith, Softness, Healing

Divine Masculine qualities can include:

Strength, Direction, Clarity, Perseverance, Action, Practicality, Grounded, Courageous, Adventurous, Movement, Knowingness, Confidence, Boundaries, Logic, Earthy, Responsibility

Yet the key is recognising the individual journey.

It is essentially a balance of both — that is unique to each soul.

Here there is a genuine love and admiration for each other’s principles — within. What they represent. What they can teach us.

Yet for each soul, there is a different equilibrium that works for each. The key is to see what your triggers are, as this is your unique desire for equilibrium in that area.

All souls range across the broad spectrum of personality traits. Its simply whether we are stepping up to what our soul is seeking for.

Ultimately Sacred Union is a unique balance of this for each soul.

As you cultivate Sacred Union energy within, which is an ongoing frequency integration — this reflects outward. In how you relate to others. How you feel about yourself. How you attract and magnetise partners and friends. Who they are.

And here you begin to access the far wider scope of your potential that you may have identified with. You may be drawn to express this in any way or with anyone. This is not to say that we must always be in mixed company to feel empowered. In fact gender only groups can initiate profound healing.

It is to recognise that you are on your own journey.

What you have to learn is different from your sister or brother. It is your journey.

You have so much within.

Believe in yourself….And let another side out


Inner Sacred Union Healing

If you’re seeking to move deeper into this healing by embracing transformational growth: Experience this Multidimensional Healing & Activation session for Inner Sacred Union (Accelerated Relationship Healing):

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