Prior to your incarnation you answered a Clarion Call that swept through the Heavens.
It sang the song of your Heart and you journeyed across realms and dimensions

To answer The Call

You bravely walked through the veil to forget the Magnificence of Who You Are

To pretend you are less

To experience the journey of remembering…

And as you do,
Relaying what you remember to others
Through the myriad of ways your Expression desires.

And rebuilding The Sacred.

You have all of the wisdom, insights, creativity within your consciousness
Within your DNA, your lifetimes.

You have stored packets of light codes
waiting for activation through the learning, growth, interactions, guidance you have during each specific lifetime

Trust in your experiences

Every single one is carefully designed to awaken your Sovereignty
To bring you closer to your Truth and Compassion

It is a journey of owning one of your most sacred gifts…


Embody this energy of Free Will to understand that it needs to be activated through Inspired Action.

Taking action embodies the physical experience.

You have played the game of pretending to be small
Of pretending to be less
Of pretending to be unworthy
For long enough.

Now is the time to nourish the other part of you.

One that has never failed from its Knowingness
Of who it is

This is a time of shifting your perception and identification of who you think you are

And begin nurturing the Magnificent side of you

It is only through you radiating your light


That others can be inspired to do the same

Dear one, it is not egoic to be in your Power
Your Light
Your Brightness
Let go of these ideas. They do not serve Creation.

The planet needs you to own your light
So you can take action,
To serve and protect
A vulnerable and pure consciousness that is emerging
And the Sacred of where you reside upon.

You are the Guardians of the Earth
You have sworn to protect your Sacred Mother
Her fauna and wildlife
Her consciousness
And Humanity’s

The Big Picture may seem too big
Begin small wherever you are
It is less about how many, and more about how deeply…

Begin somewhere
And keep moving,

For a long time you have held onto your sacred gifts
And in some way Mass Consciousness was not truly ready for the energy you have been safeguarding

It is now.

Embrace who you are
Walk through the fires of your own fears as you embrace your destiny

It is time to Graduate

Messages from Above

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