Affirmations for Self Love

These are Affirmations for Self Love. All Affirmations used here were used by myself to assist in emerging from depression – they are created with love, to act as a daily reminder of what you are capable of, recondition your subconscious with higher philosophies of love, offer channelled energies to awaken your Soul and initiate a more multidimensional form of alignment.

Listen either consciously – at home or on the way to work – or unconsciously (whilst sleeping).

With affirmations, as they begin to embed and we begin to believe them, our perspectives of life changes = our reality changes.

What is so beautiful about affirmations is that they allow us to receive the affirmative support, love, wisdom that we deserve on a daily basis. We are so ready to criticise and judge ourselves – which is being heard by our subconscious (inner chid) and written into stories, affecting our lives.

Are we willing to give the space to affirm to ourselves how beautiful we are, what we deserve and can achieve?

Listen for comfort or as apart of a 30 day process to recondition. Use for your enjoyment and let go of expectations of how this can work – your soul will take care of the rest 🙂 ♥

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