The Four Waterfalls: Energy Clearing and Protection

This visualisation has been created to help Clear your Energy Field from low vibrational energies you may have picked up from your environment, other people, conversations, emails, electromagnetic interference from devices, mass media. As well as from your own personal transitions that may still be in your field. As well as clearing negative energies and entities, attachments; and disengaging from the fear vibration in mass consciousness. We live in a world where we are naturally working with negative and fear vibrations, in order to transmute it. And its still important we engage in the world – yet from a much stronger, centered place – where we are not negatively empathically affected as much.

How do we know if we are?

We feel drained and exhausted. So this has been created to help maintain a healthy clear and strong energy field. This can be listened to at any point through the day (beginning and end recommended if you are feeling exceptionally low, or affected by external situations).

We are currently picking up far more than normal, due to increased sensitivity and increased release by the populace. This visualisation includes a journey through 4 Waterfalls. Each waterfall has a specific vibration and frequency to assist with deeper clearing & also an activation of higher consciousness at the end.

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