Stages of Self Acceptance

This has been my journey with Self Acceptance so far which I’ve broken down into stages to reflect the reality of the nature of trying to accept ourselves.

1. Accepting the idea of accepting myself

Processing this as even a relevant and necessary element of the path to our inner peace & self love.

“To find Peace I need to learn to accept myself”

2. Learning to accept myself

The act of accepting our own strengths & weaknesses, loves and insecurities

“To accept myself I need to accept the dark as well as the light and positive”

3. Pretending that I accept myself

Unconsciously believing we accept ourselves and that we are now conscious of our dark

“This is great! Im practising Self Acceptance and therefore I must accept myself…because I accept that I have light and dark. I accept and love myself (and others)”

4. Becoming honest with what is really going on underneath

Genuinely discovering that there is self resentment for not loving or accepting oneself. Here, we are honest that we are still afraid and distasteful of our own dark.

“I am disillusioned that I am unable to love myself …

I realise I am trying to force myself to love myself.

In reality, I’m actually not comfortable or loving of certain parts of myself.”

5. Going deeper: Accepting myself for not accepting myself.

Here our ideas change in relation to what is right and what is wrong. What is spiritual and what is not

“I am willing to learn to accept myself – for not accepting myself…To recognise I do not fully accept who I am… and that’s ok….

In reality, I have flaws….{Relief}…And that is OK {Relief}

I am beginning to accept what is actually happening…

The Authentic Me…The Real Me…Here, Now

Now, I am beginning a new journey…of learning to love from a new place of honesty..

It is a journey of learning love…and I have neither arrived or behind in this process. I am learning to the extent of what I am capable of”


The last stage I’ve found is key in being real with what is occurring. It evokes a deep liberation & surrender to what is. There may be many more ‘stages’ which is kind of exciting – yet when you become comfortable with what is really happening, that you do not in fact accept yourself or love yourself – and that is OK….you paradoxically accept your REALity

This for me is a deep form of Self love

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