The Voice

Deep in the woods, a ladybird stirred,

A grasshopper twitched as the whole forest heard,

A voice speak so soft, it gently moved leaves,

And ushered the trees to pull back its sleeves,

The forest grew still as the voice singled out,

An old antelope that stood tall and stout.

“Take heed my child”, the spoken voice purred,

The antelope froze to make sure it heard,

Such gentleness quiet yet clarity of word,

To seemingly drift with the grace of a bird,

The forest grew still to hear the new sound,

That spoke through the sky, the trees and the ground,

A silence befell as all creatures looked round,

To witness a sight above the green grassy mound,

A speck of white light hovered and danced,

Playfully moving, it bounced and it pranced,

All creatures moved forward, their gazes entranced,

By the joy of this light that captured their glance.

Then out of the light, a pulsating orb grew,

Summoning such gleam in the soft morning hue,

With lustre and power, the light didn’t subdue,

To shimmer and glimmer for all those to view. “Do not be afraid”, the voice gently spoke,

“The light brings you love, remembrance and hope.

For deep in my heart, you stand and you stare,

Unknowing of how or why you are there,

By breathing your breath, you send me a prayer,

Yet the knowledge of me you are still not aware”

With true grace and splendour, the orb gently whirled,

The light it emitted twisted and twirled,

Exploring the forest, it gently unfurled,

To offer the creatures a glimpse of its world.

Such serenity lifted the forest’s vibration,

To a inner deep feeling of joy and elation,

The creatures revelled in true admiration,

As the voice gently spoke, “You are my creation”

All memories returned of life’s true existence,

Where being in love is reflected subsistence,

To joyfully create with no means of resistance,

As infinite souls through space, time and distance.

The antelope glowed with a remembrance so fine,

Enthralled by the truth of the mighty design,

A connectedness feeling so hard to define,

Knowing that within is something Divine.

The orb then did beckon the antelope near,

And the voice softly rang, “Come home to me here”

A flare of white light emerged from the sphere,

As the antelope moved closer to its final frontier.

A feeling of love so rich and so chaste,

Flooded the creature to leave it encased,

All feelings of fear were quickly erased,

As the antelope, excited, moved forward in haste

A beautiful sound then rippled the air,

Drifting the creature to the orb’s gentle care,

The concert of notes healed others’ despair,

Of yearning the home of the great white light’s glare.

The vast orb then lifted with a fiery grace,

To enter the heavens with a welcome new face,

Leaving no mark behind it not even a trace,

As all creatures look dazed with memories erased.

A swift flock of birds then broke through the dream,

As all creatures resumed their usual regime,

Not a memory remained of the beautiful scheme,

Created by something so pure and Supreme.

Vaz Sriharan, 2004

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