What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

…For the Universe to give you a sign? …For someone else or the Universe to do it for you? …For things to collapse so that you have to make the Change? …For the ‘right time’ to take action or have that difficult conversation you KNOW you need to make?

Why do we wait till we’re backed into a corner before we act?

Why do we wait until we make the changes that we know, deep down, our soul has been requesting…yearning..Calling for us to make! To change our reality to one that is more aligned to what will serve us..?

My journey has shown me that Contentment is one of the most dangerous states of being.

It offers the illusions that:

…Everything is OK

Things will happen when they are meant to

Don’t worry about it…

These can make us feel good in the moment…yet do they help us in the long term?

If not, they become spiritual platitudes…

Here we sink into states of spiritual passivity, bypassing our REAL emotions, wants, desires in favour of non-doing. Yet all of these Real elements carry the truer soul direction of where we are being asked to go…

Of course it’s easier to stay in our comfort zones than it is to create the change that will actually make our lives easier

Yet here we may choose a life of slow suffering than one of Possibility.

The dangers of contentment is that we won’t always be backed into a corner. This is an assumption that the Universe will reorganise our life for us.

We can spend our entire lifetimes – waiting. Waiting. Waaaaaaitttinnnng.

For something.

To happen.

I have done this. In so many ways. At so many points.

From relationships to life path/career.

I perhaps assumed the Universe would live my life for me.

In all of my Breakthroughs, I have had to make significant choices at particular crossroads and change directions. I have had to have the hard conversations. Make the difficult decisions.

We can say this is destiny…It was meant to be.

For sure…yet this would also diminish the tremendous amount of free will, perseverance, action, dedication it took to make these changes. If we believe it’s easy, we often do not draw upon the strength, free will, action within us to make Change itself.

These days to keep myself alive, truly Alive, I have now committed to a life of self challenge in order to ensure I am not seduced into veering away from living my truth. Because for me, when we do not follow our hearts calling that is what it is.

I’m not writing this to say Change is immensely difficult, yet to show it’s not easy. There’s a difference. One can lead to continuation of what is not serving. One is a call to action.

With the work I do, I mirror back to lightworkers their own heart’s desires. It’s not easy. Resistance emerges to fight back against one’s own desire! Because we have to Show Up…Yet the results are extraordinary…what are they? Living ones hearts desires…

I keep meeting so many Lightworkers, beautiful souls, who are waiting, and waiting, and I want to do what I wish others would have done for me:

Shake them up!

Isn’t a real friend someone who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear?

Spiritual positivities are an illusion if they are bypassing real feelings.

Make the changes in your life that your Soul is craving for. They will not disappear if you ignore them, they lead to depression.

Be brave and walk through the fire of your uncertainty and embody what your heart, your soul is asking for.

It is not easy. It’s not meant to be.

Yet you can do it. This is why your Soul is craving it. It 100% knows what you can achieve.

Experiment. Explore. Expand.

Reach out for support. For a step up.

Sure, on a higher level, everything happens at the right time and for a reason.

Yet on this human level, everything also happens when you create it to be so.

Choose Life.


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