Where is your train going?

Be mindful of where your thoughts go. Who is driving your train?

When we are in the back carriage watching the world go by, we forget…we can stand up. Move through the carriages of our experiences. Sit in the Drivers Seat and take charge of our lives again.

How do we do this?

Choice. Free Will.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Make a snap decision to do something. For You….Your mind may find a million excuses not to, this is the unconscious striving to remain in the driving seat of your train.

What is the unconscious but the conditionings of our external environment, family, friends, society, ancestral…do you really want them driving you around?


Motivation isn’t something that appears, its generated. Just as when you look in the mirror – do you see a smile? Or do you create the smile to see it in the mirror?

SMILE into your world by smiling inward first. In other words, take control of your life by making the choice to do so. not in an hour. Or later. Or even in 10 minutes. Now. Take a breath……

ACKNOWLEDGE yourself. Acknowledge the beauty of who you are, in this present moment, the presence of who you are. Acknowledge how far you have come. Appreciate the beauty in your life. Appreciate you are alive to appreciate beauty.

APPRECIATE the often forgotten things taken for granted, easy access to food, water….And bring yourself into alignment. Your alignment…What is alive within you right now? What are you feeling? Whatever the emotion is, seemingly good or seemingly bad, fears, loves or insecurities, you have now brought it into your awareness, out of the unconscious.


Just 30 seconds of this will put you back in the drivers seat. Put your AWARENESS in the driving seat… You may not notice anything yet…yet something profound has occurred inside. And the more you do this, the more your internally align…then you will begin to notice profound changes outside.

Here your train detours off an unconscious path, into a direction that you wish it to go. This is essentially part of the ‘inner work’ and it is essential. Essential. Essential to ensure the unconscious isnt continually driving us around.


To create change in our lives takes work. Yet soon this work becomes more enjoyable once the resistance lessens. Soon it evolves, and soon you may not need it, as you begin to move into a state of naturally bringing yourself into more awareness. Yet life is full of spirals, so recognise which spiral you are in. And do an authentic check – who is driving your train right now?

Choose yourself. Love yourself. Free your Self

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