Question Your Beliefs

Question any ideology that takes you away from the moment. From looking at life and what the world is, Now.

From being with your emotions in This Moment, rather than further utopian escapism or subjective detachment.

We have run away from everything, all of our lives, across the aeons…so of course it will still be present in our belief systems, including spiritual ones.

Waiting for salvation or Escaping the moment is prevalent in so many modern ideologies. What seems to be an additionally common side effect with this, is a deep void within that is not being met. Leading to further depression and emptiness. I know this from experience. We excuse this growing emptiness with more belief systems that excuse us from meeting it. More ideologies. Anything that will take us away from Here, Now.

We all design our own belief systems and ideologies by gravitating towards those that meet our *needs*. We often forget that this also includes our unhealthy needs. With no one to assess ourselves but ourselves, we are the only ones who are accountable for what we believe in.

We often celebrate our belief systems together, believing we are sharing the same exact ideology. This is impossible. Perhaps initially it is from a desire to belong, to be reassured our belief is valid.

It’s beautiful to come together over themes, yet when we try to entirely match we may also veer towards our own disempowerment, of our own natural desire to explore our own truth.

As here we may ignore the many signs that are trying to tell us to evolve. And what we may find, under the surface is an emptiness that isn’t being met. A rejection of This World. This body. These experiences. Of what is happening Now.

Then we want change that never happens. Relationships that never manifest. Experiences that are never experienced.

A desire to Escape is inherent within us all. A void that is crying for attention. When it comes to Beliefs, you are always on your own. This is a powerful thing once we recognise it. Meet the emptiness within and Be Here Now. #thenowage

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