Vulnerability is a concept so spiritual in itself and yet can be so challenging to the current spiritual collective we have co-created.

Because you cannot fix vulnerability.

You cannot heal it.

You cannot give it advice

It is simply, vulnerable.

True. Real. Honest

And this is challenging to a consciousness that has founded itself upon fixing one self and others. Towards an idea of perfection.

And in comes the Imperfection.

Riding on a wild mare, with no direction or care in the world.

It represents the wild, true emotional arena of authentic presence. In other words, whatever you are really feeling, experiencing, owning.

The real healing then becomes

how each of us reacts and responds when faced with such vulnerability, of our own and of others.

Can we handle it?

Or does it make us uncomfortable that we need to fix it…?


It’s far from easy being open / vulnerable. As much as I am loving it during these times, I have also been blind to it. Not even coming close to understanding what it means for a lot of my journey

And then as I began to reflect, I saw the many times I had tried to fix myself/others when allowing could have been so much more powerful.

I’ve seen the power of owning what is being felt. Here. Now

The relief of finally being able to be myself, not some spiritual persona

When we truly desire to be in touch with our authentic core we often find a desire to no longer wish to take anyone out of their true nature. This means their human nature. And similarly for ourselves.

Our current spiritual ideologies carry a lot of themes either repressing or supporting vulnerable dialogue.

On some level, it is fundamentally scary to be exposed to being Human. It means our beliefs, even our spiritual beliefs, no longer protect us. Only truth.

The truth of what we are feeling

And yet here is where the magic happens. Somehow by opening up, we liberate another layer, another idea of who we thought we Should be. And discover more of our real humanity, waiting to be revealed

Beeee yourself 💕

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