I want to see you…

I want to see you shine bright

And fall in love with your personality as I love yours

I want you to laugh at your failings rather than dwell on them.

Your failings are mine.

Your insecurities are mine.

I want you to truly appreciate the impact of your unique energy and the presence you have on the people around you.

It is still rippling outwards.

This is the magic of who you are.

I want to sit by you every evening and listen to your rambling ideas about the world.

I love how you see the world.

I love how you try to understand who you are.

I want to gaze into your beautiful eyes, the windows into your soul and swim in the depths of your unique perspective of reality.

I want to hold your hands through every experience and remind you, I am here.

Wishing for you to be happy, fulfilled, given everything I know you deserve.

I want to look back at you when you look into the mirror and make you laugh.

I want to turn your serious face into a smile that lasts all day.

I want to be there when you wake up in the morning to remind you that Yes you are wanted, needed, appreciated Exactly as you are. It is more than enough

I want to thank you from the very depths of my heart for what you provide for me.

Unknowingly for you, your experiences have allowed me to shift. I learn through you.

Thank you for trying

Thank you for exploring who you are, it is allowing me to be explore more of me

We learn from one another, subtlety, energetically, through dreams and whispers… I want you to know I am here even though we may not meet once or fully in this lifetime.

Because I know we will meet again….In the Other place

~ Message from your Soul Family

#soulfamily #onelove #community #connection #together #beallyoucanbe

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