Across Time

Reality and Time are so subjective.

When I was 14 I was in one of my lowest times of my life. There was a moment I was crouched down in the corner of a room, hopeless, desperate for something…and something happened.

A vision came to my mind and a guide held out their hand for me. I remember the confidence of this guide, and the depth of love. It was extraordinary, from my point of view then.

I reached out physically and somehow, I get up, and it was one of many turning points that looking back, I wouldn’t be here without.

Later in my journey, around 22 I learned many healing modalities. It was during my Reiki 2 where I learned how to perform distant healing. And the first thing I thought of was to give myself healing across time. As I did this, a vision came before me.

A child, a teenager was crouched in the corner of a room, looking completely bereft of hope. I instinctively moved forward and reached out my hand and beamed a natural love that was echoing from my heart. It was then I realised the connection. Across time.

The guide I saw when I was 14 was not some ascended figure. It was me. Only 8 years later. Yet from that perspective of course he seemed so much more sorted than I was at 14.

I talk about this story often because for me it was the first real tangible evidence of multidimensional healing. Even as I share it now, it’s super challenging for my mind to grasp. Yet theres no doubt in my mind what happened. For those of you familiar with Harry potter’s patronum will know that this was another confirmation.

We have abilities that cannot be explained. Explore them as if you know them. See what happens when you – You – experiment.

I 100% believe in the power of us healing ourselves now and across time; and I see the beautiful irony that Spirit was trying to teach me so I can relay this to others.

We are the ones that save ourselves.

Who is watching your present right now? Is it you or your future you?

Or your past you?

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes…

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