What is being aligned…?

I used to think being aligned is the ultimate state and if I’m not aligned I’m not at my spiritual optimum. But what is aligned?

Is being aligned a Disney state of reality where everything is magic, where synchronicities & connections are made every few moments. Where there are no arguments or feeling negative emotions..where we glide into each experience every moment. Where we are in perfect trust and flow with the universe…Endlessly perfect?

Who really lives like this?

More importantly do we even want to live like this?

Challenges and contrasts are what help us grow. They create the space for us to stretch, become more of who we are. And experience new arenas.

It’s easy to buy into believing that others are living a perfectly aligned life 100% of the time, 24/7 and social media can snapshot an imprint of perfection and suddenly we think Damn, I need to get my shit together. Cos he or she has. Why not for me?

What is wrong with me?

What am I doing wrong?


Nothing is wrong with you.

If anything the question needs to be asked, what’s wrong with this picture of reality we keep pretending is real.

Are we continuing to propagate perfection or can we now begin to celebrate our imperfection and ultimately – our unique journeys…

How much pressure do we put upon ourselves to reach an impossible goal of perfection that perhaps no one is truly living upto anyway.

I’ve also been caught up in this.

On one level it comes down to a belief that reality is meant to be perfect. We are meant to be perfect. Anything else is somehow unaligned.

Yet we ignore the massive underlying unease that is growing. That feeling that emerges from our soul asking – why are you pretending?

The incessant need to prove ourselves to one another or to a level of attainment is incredibly draining. The paradox is that when we let go of needing to meet anyone’s criteria (which are self imposing), we have more choices available. We take more time. We do things for Us, not for them.

Whoever they are…

It takes us into our own authentic journey. Which is always unique.

There is so much relief when we surrender everyone else’s story and ask:

What is My Story?

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