5D Choice and Higher Consciousness Downloads

During these times we are being asked to Choose to vibrate out to the Universe which reality we want to live in. This has been termed in many ways – the Two Timelines, Diverging Realities, 5D and 3D. Naturally as a planetary species ascends, that choice will become more difficult because the higher energies require more work to attain. however we are given this choice in each moment and if you desire it even 0.001% you will be taken on the journey towards it. During these times, the timelines are making a huge divergent vibrational separation and its a critical time for us to anchor ourselves within the frequency we want. This is a choice that is undertaken by each individual, to honour Sovereign Soul Choice. This visualisation/transmission has been created to help anchor you into this higher loving frequency vibration. (Daily practice of Self Work of any kind has the same effect)

Compassion & Gratitude are the divine frequencies being used throughout this session.

It also includes a Higher Consciousness Download which can be listened to again and again to link up to the current frequencies of Universal Source. I use these in my sessions and really recommend if you want to stay attuned.

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