SIRIUS: Higher Truth transmission and Cetacean Activation

Sirius is a trinary star system that has deep meaning for many indigenous cultures across the spans of time on planet earth. Many Starseeds have strong Sirian streams within their lineage, a reflection of this beautiful civilisation. Ancient cultures from Lemuria, Maya, Egypt all had strong connections with the systems of Sirius (amongst other systems). The dolphins & whales are said to be highly evolved beings manifested here in form, from a Sirian background. The Sirians were highly advanced on a spiritual technological level, specifically related to healing and other arts. Much of the advanced systems of channelled transmissions emenate from these times. We will be working with the Cetacean energies and awakening your Sirian star lineage.

(Artwork by Adya Nova:


Journey to Sirius – Journey through a Sirian StarGate to the Sirian civilisation and explore the unique advanced culture of your Sirian Star Family

Receive Multidimensional 12 Ray Higher Truth Transmission: Meet the Sirian High Council of Avatars and receive a 12 streamed transmission of higher dimensional light language – downloading you with higher knowledge for your journey

Receive an Activation from the Cetaceans (Dolphins & Whales) Awakening your Joy, Play, Effortlessness, all to take into your life for a path of ease, grace & flow

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