Can you feel it stirring?

It’s in our DNA to be prepared for situations like this.

Do you feel it stirring?

Many of you have had visions of chaos since birth, psychologically preparing for such times.

Many of you have experienced trauma, dark nights of the soul, also preparing you for times of change.

There is a new era birthing and for that to occur, many old ones must end.

We’ve known this and when we see major pivot events like what we’re in, we experience a quantum leap.

It’s when society get shaken that we finally see what has been trying to birth…

Deep within our collective is a natural desire to UNIFY.

This is a time to recognise the impact of our distractive living. Of our desperate fear we will run out of necessities/of things. Of how asleep we have all been in many ways. It’s a beautiful time offering solace, to step down from our egos, our competition, our comparisons, our need to be somewhere, or someone.


This is also a time of new thought, new ideas, new ways of being. Innovations, unifying, recognising what’s truly needed.

In pressured times, there is always an influx of creativity, art, music, healing, philosophy. Because these drive us at our core and heal us as a collective.


This is a phenomenal time to reflect upon your own life and path, go within.

You have been given a gift of Time

Some say, the most precious of all currency

How will you use it?

Use this time to get into your element.

Train in skills online

Heal, Develop, Learn, Grow

Get physically fit.

Adapt. Evolve. See solutions where they are none.

You are trained for this.

A true explorer will see all opportunities for deeper self awakening in every situation.


This is also a phenomenal time to show up.

Humanity is calling for your help and support now more than ever.

How can you adapt and evolve to what is happening?

How can you Evolve your Purpose, Your Message, Your Creation?

Perhaps express what you’ve been wanting to express for so long

There are many ways to serve the light and one of the most effective first of all is to live by example.

Embody your passions, joys and desires to experience, learn and express.

When there are collective shifts of this magnitude, it is the collective that changes together. And this happens through each individual that makes up the collective.

When you work intuitively and stay true to your heart…At the right time, you will know what to do.

Because you are part of a jigsaw puzzle that makes up the whole.

We are now all working more consciously for the same goal.

We’re in this together.


Join me weekly for online Divine I AM Healing Transmissions. Reconnect to your own Truth during these times. I’m offering this on a pay what you can afford basis. Next one:

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