Times of Change

It’s incredible seeing how people, organisations, companies are coming together during these times. It shows the capability of humanity during times of crisis.

Companies are completely restructuring their businesses to serve what’s needed. From car manufacturers switching to creating ventilators, to hearing from the CEOs of supermarkets informing us daily of how they are adapting.

During any time of crisis, the ability to adapt is key to survival. On an individual basis, we know this from our own crisis. If we approach challenging situations by stretching our mind, hearts and opinions, we will see doorways that weren’t visible before.

During key events in history, such as world war 1 & 2, societies completely restructured to serve common goals. And it’s happening here: whatever isn’t necessary is being radically put aside for what is essential. Whoever is priority – elderly, vulnerable, our health workers – are being protected in the middle by the masses.

On some level, we are hard wired as humans to know how to handle the most challenging situations.

This collective drive of sacrifice to ensure survival is within all nature. Animals practice this in symphony with nature. Perhaps we have forgotten it with our comforts, or perhaps it’s not needed during non-challenging times. Yet when it kicks in, we remember. And we step up.

The changes that have been enforced around the world by governments, societies, companies & individuals – we would not have even thought possible 6 months ago. Yet they have been carried out swiftly in hindsight and we have adapted. Old rivalry between government factions are settling as unifying is essential.

We have much more to adapt to.

Because this virus is revealing the rifts in society that we have overlooked for so long. They are bringing to the surface the social separation we have all partaken. Only now it’s more visible.

How our individualistic lifestyles have been a game, a distraction that a crisis like this reveal to have no real depth or longevity.

And this is the thing about crisis. It takes us to our knees, into a prayer position. It’s in the moment we are humbled that we can see from our heart and not our egos. We see what’s important. Who’s important. What we’ve been doing that’s important or not. What’s needed to be done. What actions need to be taken.

And how we can adapt and evolve radically to serve something greater. This too involves a complete restructuring of our own identities. If our outer structures are changing so wildly to fit a new purpose, how can you?

Any crisis, personal or collective, puts a question out.

How can you change to meet this challenge?

How can this challenge bring out the best in you?

How can it provoke you to become more than you thought you could be?

How can it initiate you to think differently, act in a new way, see things from a new place.

It’s these changes we initiate that define how we individually and collectively navigate through the changes themselves.

And history has shown we are damn good at it.


Shout out to all our health workers, supermarket workers, government / service sector & key positions making monumental decisions daily that affect millions. And all those sacrificing their needs for the many.

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