Post Transmission Realisations (22/03)

It always takes me a few days to integrate (aka recover) from transmissions 😅 Sunday’s Divine I AM was incredibly powerful, thank to you all who connected. The feedback has been amazing & I’m always in awe at the transformation that can occur from this type of work. With all the ‘chaos’ occurring in the world right now, it’s a prime time for spiritual (re)connection.

What happens when you disengage from the intensity of input & influence we receive on a daily basis?

We worked on the lower three chakras to help stabilise during these times and then stretched up the higher chakras to receive the golden treasures which are available.

It’s often in times of crisis we have ability to be more open to receive new information & downloads. Our reality box is shaken – which is a good thing.

On a root base level, we are all undergoing a revolution – with base-ic threats to survival and security, money and feeling safe. As well as the body of course.
I saw a new sense of security being anchored on the planet if we are to embrace it, so we have a different sense of security – perhaps within Faith.
Faith bypasses the usual ‘rules’. It accesses spiritual support & synchronicity.

Power was a big theme, and it keeps coming up at the moment. This is a time to recognise your power. To be empowered also means to take charge of your life.
And in a way as the world has paused…it’s providing everyone with space… to reflect and think about their lives.
Where have you been giving your power away?
How can you take it back?
Often it’s from the daily actions, interactions, distractions we partake in.
Loads more happening on many levels. As always it’s a unique individual experience.

If you’re seeking to stay connected to your Spirit, clear and disengage from the noise and receive multidimensional calibrations and activations – join me every Sunday.
If you want them more regularly let me know
Next one this Sunday, we will be working with guidance and direction as a core theme.
(pay what you can afford session) ✌🏾

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