5D Earth – Future Timeline Transmission

In this Guided Divine I AM Transmission we will access the Future Earth Timeline that is ready to be accessed in this moment – this is an Expression of 5D Earth and all that is potential and possible for Yourself and Humanity.

Receive Activations to Awaken your Inner Joy, Wisdom & Potential.

As with all Activations, it leads to shifts in your being, spiritual growth that vibrationally matches this aspect of yourself.

The Divine I AM Transmissions, channeled by its founder Vaz Sriharan, are incredibly powerful as they accelerate transformation and allow for quantum leaps in growth for participants. During a Transmission you will receive Frequencies of Light, Codes, Wisdoms, Unconditional Love.Transmissions work through all layers of the auric body – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (Energetic). From the cellular level (releasing emotions, memories) to the multidimensional level (activating energy centers).

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