Healing Your Story – Dragon Energy Lines Activation

This is part of the Healing Your Story Series. Although this can be listened to individually.

Vaz leads through a Divine I AM Transmission to meet aspects of your story for Release, Acceptance, Spiritual Expansion.

Your Sacred Story is your Divine Blueprint for your life experiences. They hold keys to your spiritual growth lessons and the gateways to your liberation. When you meet your story with Love, you anchor Self Love.

Self Love is the key to accessing the gateways through the Ascension. As you meet your story you also create space for more of your story to emerge…in other words Your New Story.

In this transmission, you will be working with the Dragon Energy Lines of the planet. These are known as the key arteries of the planet, divine masculine & divine feminine, travelling through all major planetary chakras. This transmission was recorded in Bali ~ where the dragon key lines intersect. Additionally you will be working with one of your core Galactic Guides to support you in accessing your greater Galactic story.

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