Journey with the Angels: Heart Activation with your Guardian Angel

The Angelic Realm holds immense, unconditional, absolute love for you and through free-will await intentional connection.

You have many Spirit Guides and Angels assisting you and there are teams of Angels assigned for specific roles. Here we will be bringing in the Angelic Realm who are overseeing physical reality. These angels are pure loving light beings who are devoted to ensuring you move towards a life of ease, fulfilment and flow.

In this loving and gentle space, be guided through a Spiritual Journey (visualisation) into the angelic realms where sacred meetings take place. Meet your Guardian Angel to strengthen your connection and receive a Heart Activation. Journey to meet the Angelic Legions to reconnect to your Inner Purity & Innocence.

This transmission was recorded live and is now being offered for your expansion.

Artwork by Adya Nova:

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