The Tables have Turned

The world has changed.

It is continuing to change every day, the longer this continues. Whatever idea we had about our lives and where we believed it was going, has implicitly been thrown out of the window. However, we have also been trained leading up to this whether we realise this or not. The last few years of identity shifts have prepared us all to shed and surrender our preconceptions of who we think we are. This includes how we believe the Great Shift will occur….And what Spiritual growth even means.

And yet through all the twists and turns that the Universe gives us, it is always an opportunity for us to open our hearts further rather than close them down. A space to take off more of our armour (conditioning, programming, beliefs, past experiences) and allow the light within to guide the way.

And so the continuous work we are all doing in facing our shadow, embracing what is relevant is allowing us to migrate into this new dimensional frequency with more gravity.

The New Paradigm is asking you to leave who you think you are behind

5D or the new dimension we are moving into will not fit into any of the theories that have been provided in the last few decades. These theories, as beautiful and wonderful to explore, have all emerged from what we know within our current frequency. And they have come from the mind.

To truly enter this new frequency we are being asked to be humble enough to admit – we don’t know.

When we can do that and begin to get comfortable with our unknowing, Spirit takes our hand and guides the way.

It’s both scary and exhilarating. And true growth usually is. Fear has its place and represents what we are leaving behind. It is also a signal that we are entering new territory. Soon that fear becomes replaced by wonder and even enjoyment at the process.

When the light being Jesus walked into the temples and turned the tables out of frustration, he was issuing a powerful symbol into our collective consciousness. Back then, the status quo were the dominant religions. He symbolically said, this status quo needs to turn on its head. This status quo is no longer relevant.

And it is the status quo that always needs to be turned on its head, in whichever era is being experienced.

Right now, during this phase of the ascension, all tables are being turned. Whatever preconceptions we had of the Shift are dissolving. Whatever you have been holding onto – your religion of spirituality, which is essentially our collection of strong beliefs that we all have, is being asked to turn on its head. This can be scary or liberating depending upon our perspective:

So then what can you believe in?




The Mystery

Being held



That something Greater is taking place…

All of these concepts are fluid and not fixated upon ideas or concepts. Here we surrender the theories and embrace the Unknown.

Because the new dimension we are moving into is a mystery. And the sooner we can acknowledge that, individually, the easier and smoother our ride will become.

Here, whatever the experience we are having, we open our hearts further towards it and walk into it with our armour down and Lights shining.

You are being trained for something phenomenal…and time will reveal what this is.

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