Rainbow Self

We’re entering a new phase of our reality where even the term Shadow is being offered a new perspective.

For those of you who have been deep diving into your spiritual growth will have no doubt come across shadow healing and recognised how important it is.

Initially we may not realise how vital it is to look at our “dark” because of the need to cultivate our light. And it can be very confusing to newcomers on the path, as it seems we should only be focusing on what is positive, to move away from the negative.

And yet the shadow is literally what is hiding from the light of our consciousness and without looking at it, it is repressed, and begins to manifest in our life. This is because we often distance ourselves from what we dislike, criticise and judge within…when these aspects are calling to be brought closer!

Because the Shadow is seeking one thing

Your love.

I have explored shadow healing to a great extent in my own life and it was key to me emerging from depression. And for a long time this view has served my development.

And yet during these times, Spirit has been slowly guiding us all to re evaluate all of our concepts. 

As we move greater into understanding unity consciousness and the acceptance of all, light and dark; rather than keep perpetuating our relationship with duality, I keep being shown a rainbow 🌈 

If all of our emotions, thoughts, actions (conscious and unconscious) are varied colours of the rainbow – then it better symbolises our relationship with what is in the light or dark.

Because colours are not dualistic, they are multidimensional

There is no colour that is better than one another, they are simply expressions. 

The colours of your passions, insecurities, strengths, fears, joys, desires – all make up who you are

Your soul vibration

This unique rainbow you radiate is celebrated and needed by Consciousness.

Here of course there is nothing to fix with who you are. You are not being asked to change your colours, or to become one colour.

Yet as you meet more and more of yourself with love, care and loving kindness, you shine your colours brighter.

You are a divine expression of source and have always been. The Universe is guiding you towards a multidimensional vision of yourself.

The paradox is that as you step into the light
of your light
you see you have always been in the light


The new dimensional wisdoms are part of the weekly Divine I AM Transmissions. We will be working with multidimensional perspective this Sunday in the Divine. Join me as we access more insight into your connections & release where necessary – creating space to open up to the new ones that are coming your way

Divine I AM Transmission – Sunday 7th June Click Here

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