The Emerging You

During these times, every soul is being asked subtlety:

“Who are you…

without the influences of your past,

of your ideas, 

of others?

What do you want to Create…

in this new world?”

As this new world is being birthed, it is not so much as knowing what we want (which is being asked to be surrendered in this time of unplanning), it is more about being open to what is possible. And consciously surrendering the beliefs, patterns, stories, karmic cycles & attachments we have to the dimension we are leaving.

The new dimensional reality is multidimensional and holds many secrets and keys.

The keys are accessed through our participation with this new reality. In other words Meeting this new reality through conscious spiritual practice, conscious awareness, joyful expression. The keys then unlock doorways that bring us fresh insight and treasures into how we can live, work, play, create in a very new way.

If you have been feeling disconnected from your reality, the things that used to give you pleasure, the plans you used to hold dear…it is because you are already migrating into this new frequency.

As You birth into this reality, you get to know yourself! If things are not opening for you, flowing or moving during this time, Honour the process. There is no race or goal. There is only your path and how you live & enjoy it.

There is an incredible amount of support opening as the veil between the dimensions dissolve. Your intuitive and psychic abilities will continuously develop each day.

Find time to spend by yourself, consciously. Find time for spiritual practice. Find time to journal, and explore what is happening within you. Find time to play and remember why you came here. Find time to create and express, merely for the joy of it. As you access your Soul’s joy, the keys flow freely.

Plans may have got you to this point, yet it is now the arena of the Heart, Faith & Unknowing that will take you to the next.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz

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