Conscious Attraction of Your Reality

You are not just attracting things to your reality, you are also attracted to it

One of the fascinating aspects of our Manifestation process, or Creating Your Reality, is of course that the Inner World attracts and reflects the Outer World. 

When I first came across Creating Your Reality, I lapped it up. It explained so much and helped me understand my place in the world, leading to an ongoing journey of self empowerment and compassion.

However back then my understanding of this vast concept was limited to:

Why am I attracting this? 


This was largely due to my desire to create the perfected experience.


Over time I began to integrate the philosophies of unconditional acceptance, presence and other elements which hugely changed my outlook. 


I then began to understand it in different ways, leading to a huge realisation that not only am I attracting the experiences to my life but I am also attracted to them.


Why am I attracted to this?


So first of all, why on earth would we create difficult, challenging situations?


It is very easy to slide into victim mentality when we approach our challenging situations. I know this well! I was King of Victim/ Blame around my own depression when I was going through it. Here we assume that something is happening to us and we have no other option than to blame our reality or experience.


We say, this isnt my fault.

Of course not, its no one fault.


However, is it our responsibility?…


Here we take responsibility for the experience itself, and how we respond to it. Then if we have the courage, to examine not just why we created it – but why we are attracted to it.

To Own your Reality is a challenging journey. Yet when you do so, you become liberated. Free from the chains of disempowerment that dictate you are powerless.

When we explore our reality using a different question, we are presented with a different way of looking at our reality and empowerment:

Why am I attracted to this situation?

This is for each individual to explore, yet time and again I have discovered the incredible treasures that lay beneath asking this question.

That attraction may indeed come from programming, belief structures and ideologies. Yet by asking this question there is a fundamental message being radiated out: It says, I own and accept that it is I that is not only creating it, but attracted to it because of what is internal.

Here begins our journey of falling in love with what is within (acceptance, healing, forgiveness, compassion). Then, if what usually occurs is that our attachments to that attraction dissolves. We grow, we shift, we are now attracted to new experiences, situations and people.

Owning your Power is to reclaim your power. It is to seek all the areas where it has been given away. Empowerment is actually a natural state of being. Instead of trying to escape reality, it Faces Reality and rides it like a wave. This is the key to manoeuvring through the traps and pitfalls of Resistance, which is about escaping reality.

There are desires that your Soul wishes for that are beyond your current conscious understanding. The Soul works outside of time, it is interested in growth and journey. The Soul knows where you can get to, and how to get there. Each experience, awakens new sets of strengths, passions, insights, awareness, perceptions that completely shift the course of your path.
If you choose to own the experience.

These course corrections are always, always helping you get to where will bring you greater happiness, fulfilment, growth and expansion.

Embrace Your Reality
Meet the Wonder within
Open to the Mystery around.


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