Lion’s Gate Portal

Happy New Year! The Lion’s Gate is also known as the spiritual new year with the rising of Sirius (Earth’s second sun). Yesterday we worked directly with the Lions Gate to open up to our new stories and say goodbye to our old ones.

The Sirian gateway lasts between 8th August and 12th August. It’s known as a magnificent time of manifestation. When we do conscious work around portal dates (such as Equinoxes, Solstice, Eclipses and Lunar activities) our intentions are magnified. This particular period now is a great time to really let those older stories (identities) go. Yes they may be difficult to release, and we are often holding onto ideas of ourselves that are outdated – yet this stream of energy gives us a lot of help to surrender an older paradigm and welcome in the New.

The Lions Gate 88 symbolises when the star Sirius (often seen throughout history as Earth’s Second Sun) lines up with the Earth and the Galactic Center. It is also when Sirius is said to be at its closet to Earth and lines up directly with the pyramids go Giza.

The Gateway occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo, hence the name: Lions Gateway. The period lasts 8th to 12th August

The Gateway symbolises essentially an opening of ‘Ascension’ codes. These are higher frequencies of light, coding that Sirius channels through its system to offer us a Great Awakening. Many see the Lions Gateway as our spiritual New Year or New Cycle.

It is a brilliant opportunity to set intentions for the new cycle and to consciously embrace a higher octave of your destiny.

What is the New that is Calling within you?

To be openly receptive to what is possible,

you have to be willing, to believe in the impossible.

Because the New exists outside of your beliefs.

It exists outside of what you believe you are worthy of, capable of.

It exists outside of your belief systems.

It exists outside of what you believe is possible…

We may call this area outside the possible: as Magic.

Or Miracles.

Yet one person’s Magic is another person’s Norm…

Whatever we decide to label it as, it is very real.

And the more welcome it into our field of possibility,

the more it becomes possible.

And the more the Magic becomes Our Norm.

This is the fascinating thing about experiencing quantum shifts in transformation, radical healing and beautiful synchronicities.

It comes down to a mindset of how we view reality.

Do we stay with the status quo?

Do we religiously believe in the idea that our past experiences dictate what is real, what is possible?

Or do we dare to believe in the impossible?

Beyond our own experiences.

And believe in our dreams…

And invite those dreams in.

Working with the Lion’s Gate energy 

The Lion’s Gate portal lasts 4 days and it doesn’t mean we have to be consciously positive the whole time! When I first began working with portals I was concerned that I wasn’t being spiritual enough, positive enough, or aligned enough the whole day or period. And that my negative thoughts would disrupt it and manifest negative things.

Essentially I was judging my human experience without realising it.

And subconsciously telling myself I had to be aligned all the time to be spiritual.

The human experience is why we came here to planet earth, to experience.

And the spiritual experience includes all experiences.

I would say if anything, Be yourself. Feel what you’re feeling. Live your life. You may in fact feel more emotional, up/down during this time.

Yet if you can find time during the portal, even an hour, to reflect upon your journey and send out a vibrational calling around our journey, the effects are extraordinary

Journalling, Reflecting, Being in Nature, Silence or Healing work are areas I’d personally suggest.


If you’d like to listen to a replay of yesterday’s transmission where we worked with the energies directly, click here:

Can be listened to at any time for conscious intentional work, utilising the Lion’s Gate magnified energies.


If you are interested in the Sirian connection, click here to access my free collection where I go deeper into each Starseed civilisation and offer a transmission to connect to the system itself:



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