Root Chakra Activation

Adya and I held a special session, marking the beginning of our Chakra Activations. I have run these sporadically before over the years and they have been majorly powerful. Activational work shifts our core beliefs not just in this life, it works ancestrally and across reincarnational cycles.

I remember when I last held an Activation around the Root chakra, I had an incredible amount of “money stuff” return from the depths of the shadows to the light (aka my face). It wasn’t pretty and I had to face the repercussions of younger Vaz and his decision making around Money! 🙈

Essentially, I had to look at old debts I didnt want to, at my accounts and take responsibility for how to respond to them in a much deeper way. Yet the LIGHT which the activations provide, shone into all the lurky dark areas and because of that, they clear such heavy baggage. In hindsight it created a strong foundation for which I’m benefitting today. Yet today I am always conscious that this work is continuous – if I keep facing what I used to systematically push away (usually because I felt I couldnt handle it), life becomes infinitely smoother.

The Root Chakra isn’t just focused around Money. The Root governs your security, survival, trust, your relationship with home, job, ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. How receptive you are to the Universe. How supported you feel – and therefore allow into your life. And time and again, alot of our anxiety can be related to the Root (our sense of safety).

Energetically it is located at the base of our spine. It relates to the base, the foundation, the strength upon we build our life – on the physical plane. And as you know, us lightworkers, empaths, starseeds, more sensitive types tend to focus on the upper chakras more – because its easy to focus on what is already easy. To be Human was a hard pill to swallow for me, for a long time. I thought I was much happier there than here. Yet as I embraced it more and more, I realised, Wow – it is actually impossible to enjoy the true beauty and fullness of life without being here and embodying into the physical plane. Because life is in the physical plane.

The worldwide shifts that have occurred since the coronavirus have shifted the global root energy significantly. This can either create massive unease or create opportunities to open doors where there were none before. As the global root shifts it is forcing every single human to shift their own root energy. Where you place your security, your sense of self/identity is being asked to not just change, but to evolve.

To meet the higher dimensional frequency which is entering this planet.

This is a call to upgrade all of our being to meet the much wider arena of what is entering: fifth dimensional living. My interpretation of fifth dimensional living is actually being Here more, rather than being there. I sense it as a much more expanded way of living here on planet earth. We see more, feel more, access more, have more abilities, our awareness grows, our wisdom grows, our Love grows and we tap into the more natural states of synchronistic living. Living in harmony with the Universal laws of flow, receptivity and mystery. Whilst honouring the very earthy traits of responsibility, practicality and resourcefulness.

In the session we are working with activating the Root chakra. Clearing, harmonising old patterns that limit you from your flow in this beautiful chakra. And evolving it to meet the frequency that your Higher Self and Soul wish you to meet. This relates to accessing Money, Home, Security from a place of Strength, Faith & Surrender. Rather than need, survival, separation.

And it’s a double whammy! Adya and I will join forces to channel the energies together to bring a powerful combined session.

Click here to access the: Root Chakra Activations

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