When you focus, you also unfocus

We are fascinating creatures…when something takes the forefront of our consciousness we become preoccupied with it. The way our consciousness works is that as we focus on something, other elements in our life become less focused. Much like with our eyes, what is center is sharp, what is in the periphery is blurred.

And this is what happens with the things in our life. When things work out we tend to focus on what isn’t working out. And yet whatever we focus upon is charged with energy. Of course how we focus on what is center stage is important, so that we do not emphasise the suffering or lack we may be preoccupied with. Yet by looking at it, we are also facing what has been lurking in the shadows, and so it is blessed by our light (awareness).

What about what is in the periphery?

When we put aside elements in our life and they do not receive the blessing of our awareness, they become be less nurtured.

Your Life is a Garden

There is a saying to view your life like a garden. If you only water a few plants or bushes, the rest of the garden gets neglected and wanes. However when you water all equally, whilst perhaps still nurturing what is taking your present attention, everything benefits.

Your spirituality, your self care, your relationships, your health, your financial situation, your path, your play, your expression, all are vital elements in your garden that require equal watering by the attention and focus of your awareness.

This also allows us to bring light to the cobwebs of certain areas that have been neglected. These neglected aspects usually do not reveal themselves immediately, they build over time and then manifest into our reality as a lack of some kind.

And of course, it moves into our centre focus. Here, revealing an endless cycle until we consciously shift the way we interact with reality.

Spiritual practice is a preventative measure so we do not always have to deal with the repercussions / consequences (often suffering related) of neglecting the world within.

What areas are subtlety asking for your attention that you keep pushing aside each day?

Perhaps they aren’t fully creating any suffering or lack yet you know there is a need to look at it.

Perhaps it is:

  • Conversations that need to be had with others
  • Your financial situation and accounts
  • Fulfilling expression and creativity you know you wish to do
  • Self care and health, exercise
  • Actions you know you need to take

Water your garden and bring the beauty of your light into all areas. Then watch as your reality blossoms with the fruits of your forest, for you to enjoy.

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