10 Signs you’re a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker?

Perhaps you like millions of others are exploring whether you are a Lightworker. Right now on the planet, the global Awakening is activating many, many souls to tap into their Soul Purpose.


It is an incredible design by the Universe to carry out a Higher Plan.

Here are 10 signs to see if you’re a Lightworker

  1. You feel that you have a Purpose. That your life isn’t an accident or chance. That within you are gifts, abilities that you want to awaken. You are drawn to exploring how to do that through Healing, Attunements, Learning/Training, Creativity.
  1. You have experienced many difficulties in your journey. Often feeling very sensitive / empathic which has led to deeply feeling your experiences. This often emerges as difficult, traumatic or non-existent relationships as you try to discover who you are and ultimately relate to yourself.
  1. You have a strong connection to Nature. You recognise Mother Earth as being a conscious ancient being. You deeply connect to the beauty of nature and immediately feel settled when you are in nature, or near water.
  1. You love to explore your Spirituality. To expand and tap into higher states of consciousness. You aim to live a life of beauty, wholeness
  1. You often feel that people do not understand you and your great positive optimistic visions for the world. You may seem idealistic to many, yet you carry the seeds of the Future. 
  1. You are moved easily by Art, Music, Visuals, Meditations. You can easily tap into your Soul sense of connection.
  1. You have a strong desire to reconnect to your Soul Family. Other souls like you who think like you, feel like you. 
  1. You love to make others feel good about themselves. This may be through your conversation or simply your presence. You often see the person in the room that needs the most attention or love and gravitate towards them. 
  1. You wish for equality amongst all humanity. You see the wars, greed in the world as bizarre and do not understand it. Your heart embodies peace, love, tranquility and you dream of living in a world that reflects this.
  1. You have natural intuitive, psychic skills that you may read as being empathic. You can tell very quickly when something is bothering someone.
  1. You feel strongly about where the world is going. You are drawn to teachings around positivity, awakening, ascension, what humanity is creating and anything that serves the New Consciousness.

If any or all of these call to you, you are a Lightworker.

A Lightworker is any soul that feels The Calling to awaken their soul gifts and bring them to the world – to shift consciousness. This can be anything from Music to Healing. From Teaching to Art.

Lightworkers are not special groups of people – everyone has the capacity to be a Lightworker, if they choose it. It dwells as a seed within each soul, waiting to be activated – by your Joy.

You have a powerful journey. Much will be asked of you because much will be given.

This is no ordinary path because you are being asked to create your own life according to your Soul’s wishes – which simultaneously you are being asked to discover!

The desire for soul family is a natural desire that is encoded within your Soul Blueprint. It is activated because Lightworkers are creating and co-creating the new earth. 

One of the key factors that face Lightworkers is unworthiness. I spend many years believing I wasn’t worthy to embody such a role as a Lightworker, nor did I believe I had any worthy gifts that people would want to experience. Yet I could never deny The Calling.

It is the Calling that echoes from your Divine Soul Blueprint that was set prior to your incarnation that will never be subdued.

There is a lot of healing and learning that Lightworkers have to go through to take their Dreams and anchor them into physical reality. Yet if you’re resonating with even a sliver of this post, you are being Called. And you, like so many of us, can do it.

When you begin to tap into the magic of your own gifts, and gain the confidence to express them into the world…the most fulfilling aspect of Lightwork is another soul being moved, touched, transformed by experiencing your gift.

Imagine that for a moment.

You bring something to the world that is uniquely yours.

And you enjoy expressing it!

The result is that it transforms others and adds to all the other unique expressions from other Lightworkers to create this great shift we call the Ascension.

Listen to that Call and Remember…All it takes is one step at a time. And before you know it, you are living your Soul Purpose.


Enjoy these Lightworker products. All free.

Free Lightworker Discovery Course: What’s Your Purpose?


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