Activating Your Soul Purpose

The Ascension represents a global shift in consciousness. This can only occur with the individual Awakenings that occur for each soul. As the wave of Awakenings grow, the Great Shift grows. As you Awaken to your divinity and then awaken and express your gifts – you participate in the Ascension that you were born to do.

If you are reading this and you feel you want to create a life that is fulfilling and your work is your joy, then you are part of this growing movement.

These gifts are not given by accident. They are carefully designed prior to your incarnation and interweave your personal Divine Plan, the Divine Plan of all those you encounter and touch with those gifts; and the Universal Divine Plan. All are interconnected.

It took me a long time to recognise that I had gifts. I was incredibly inspired watching others radiate their wonderful gifts. Yet me? What did I have?

I began training in different healing modalities and coaching systems. I learned the world is my oyster and I can do anything I want. Yet this offered me too much choice. I was lost in the ocean of possibility. Directionless. Unfocused. Scattered with my creativity.

And when I did express them to the world, through writing blogs, creating videos, offering workshops, deep down I didn’t believe my gifts were worthy of being received. Who would want to hear my gifts? 

I realised there are so many wonderful trainings I could do, such as learn Reiki or Coaching. Yet none of them are really showing me how to actually do my Lightwork on a practical level. None of them dealt with the real life issues of expressing them and learning how to deal with self criticism, with money/worth issues, with pricing, with working out how to create focus with my insatiable creativity. None of them took into account that as a sensitive person, I was plagued with themes of unworthiness, uncertainty, lack of understanding of the practical themes and feared / lacked experience in being in my power, expressing or managing my business from a spiritual perspective.

It took me many years and additional trainings to learn how to bring all of this together. What I learned is that sensitive lightworkers have a different journey. As I moved through the challenges and hurdles, I began to step out and soon I found myself naturally supporting others like me in doing the same. I found something fascinating: there are an incredible amount of souls who are – well, hiding.

Hiding in shadows with their gifts, just like I was. Many without any indication that they even have any gifts. Many others feeling the Call, yet not knowing which direction to go or How to proceed. 

So what is the Call?

The Call is in your Divine Blueprint. It is in your Core Essence and has been planted within you prior to your incarnation. It carries your Soul Purpose and Mission. It is the very essence of what you are here to carry out in the world. 

It carries the blueprint of your Soul Purpose. This includes all of your innate gifts that have been given to you upon entering Human Life. As well as all of the gifts that can be awakened through conscious spiritual work.

The Call is activated at any point and you know if it is present within you, if these words resonate:

  • You know you are here for a reason.
  • You know deep down, the Universe has a beautiful plan for you.
  • You know you want to assist the Great Shift and support the Ascension.
  • You know you want to help Humanity and Mother Earth.
  • You know your Gifts will allow you to do this.

You may not know how any of this occurs! Yet this knowing is incredibly powerful. It reveals that you are Ready.

Ready for what?

Ready to begin moving towards your dreams. Because your dreams are merged with your Soul Purpose.

One of the most powerful phrases that Spirit gave to me was:

The expression of your Lightwork is more important than any insecurity you may have in carrying it out.

In other words, your Gifts are more important than your fears and doubts. Because they are implanted within you to assist the world. When we keep them to ourselves, we are denying the Great Shift what it needs. We are denying every single soul who could benefit from our Message. And that Message may be Art, Music, Healing, Teaching, Coaching, anything your Heart is calling to express.

Your Gifts are Gifted to you so you can Gift them to the Planet.

Listen to these Affirmations around Soul Purpose, to bring in more of your gifts and your Lightwork towards you. I created these for those I train to activate their innate gifts. Remember the more you allow yourself to believe in yourself, the more you move into the arena of living your soul purpose as opposed to watching others live theirs.

Divine Timing doesn’t mean we sit back and wait for the Universe to work for us. It means when we even feel the slight fluctuation of that Calling within, that says even for one moment, I want to express my gifts and serve the Shift. Then we start working towards it.

Yes there are many fears to face and hurdles to encounter. This will take time, patience and perseverance. Which can be difficult for many sensitive souls! As I know well. Yet it will happen if you commit.

Namaste, Vaz


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Vaz Sriharan: Mentor, Guide, Healer

Vaz is a Lightworker Mentor and loves to awaken Souls to their Divine Purpose. After traversing his own journey through the many challenges and hurdles, he know focuses on supporting other souls in activating their soul mission. He also loves to give people a good shake up so they wake up to the incredible reality that is waiting for them!

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