Being Responsible for your Dreams

What does it mean to be responsible for your dreams? How can block our own manifestations by not meeting the very dreams that we want to manifest?

Explore more in this video.

To delve deeper into this theme, here are some recommendations. As you write your dreams down, recognise that they will anchor in physical reality when you commit to them.

So how do you commit?

Find ways to bring in elements EACH DAY to move towards them. Yet begin small. As small as possible. Just five minutes. What can you do today to meet your dreams?

Perhaps it’s writing an outline of steps to take. Break those steps down into smaller steps on another day. Then eventually begin with one of those steps.

Perhaps it’s learning more about your craft. Read. Watch material related to your craft. Invest in your development. Get a mentor/coach.

How do you raise your vibration to meet the vibration of your dreams?

This will involve healing and clearing limiting beliefs that suggest the opposite. For example, beliefs that you are not worthy of your dreams, your gifts are not worthy, you are not good enough will have to be healed if you are to move away from the idea (illusion) that you are not good enough. Affirmational work, Healing, Journalling, general spiritual growth work all help in this regard. (I have a lot of free healing sessions on my sister YouTube channel:…)

Simultaneously, there would need to be regular practice your life (daily if possible) of raising your vibration. This may again only be five minutes but that 5 mins makes a huge difference.

Again, Affirmations are great for this but also listening and watching content that matches that reality. Become aware of what you are intaking. Does it support your older reality or the new one you want to enter? For example, if you have ideas that attracting healthy abundance for your work is out of your reach, surround yourself with more affirmational, inspirational content to reprogram you to recognise that not only is it possible, it is inevitable for anyone who believes and tries.

Hope this begins to help you with your journey Lightworker or simply adds to inspire you and think differently about what is possible for you. It is always about the cumulative effect of positive reinforcement. Step up to your dreams, we need you!

Want to dive in deeper with your Soul Purpose? Explore more here:

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