Perfect Time for Learning


During this period of “lockdown”, it is a perfect opportunity for Creation.

Creation isn’t just about what is being created. As the Tree knows well!

The Tree emerges from the seed that is implanted in the ground. That seed needs to establish strong roots in the ground so it is supported.

It needs to learn about its environment. It needs to be nourished and draw strength from its surroundings. Adapt, evolve and then begin its movement upwards towards the Light.

All Creation involves this process of germination.

And during this period it is incredibly powerful if we can use the time wisely to germinate.

Because when things begin to move again, if you are utilising the opportunity of the time given here, you will gracefully ride the wave of inevitable collective movement.

In other words, what you invest in now – with learning, experiencing, experimenting will be rewarded as the energies clear and the (New) Light radiates – your Creations flourish.

Whatever you are interested in, dive deeper.


We never put enough value on learning.

I learn as much as I can. I’m currently researching several different fields to help me with my Lightwork and also other interests I have.

Follow your passions and see where they lead you. It may seem so irrelevant, yet if you’re passionate about it – it always, always plants an important guidepost for you to appreciate in hindsight.

In a world built around distraction, our precious energy is wasted on not really bringing much value into our beautiful consciousness.

Media, social media are symbols of our nature to give our power away – rather than using that power of curiosity and exploration to discover more about ourselves and the world around us.

You may wish to invest yourself in self healing, it may be learning something new like Qi Gong. It may be exploring your abilities with Writing, Art, Music.

It may also be learning elements that are not necessarily exciting. Such Budgeting/Personal Accounts, learning about managing your Time, Exercise.

Time is always a Gift in itself, especially in such a fast moving world. And Learning is always rewarded as Experience and Growth equates to Fulfilment, Success & Elevation. Yet we often have to break out of our comfort zones to do this.

For those of you who have a genuine curiosity about learning about your Gifts and Lightwork, I have a free course that may ignite your deeper Soul Purpose. I love seeing people find out that the Magic they seek is inside. And waiting for them to embrace and express to others. There is something so powerful and fulfilling about seeing another human being being touched, moved or transformed by something you have brought to the world.

Check out my free course here:

In the meantime I wish you well with your Creations!

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