Is the Universe Calling you into Action?

With everything that is happening in the world, whilst things may seem to have slowed down or ‘locked down’, it is also an incredible time to cultivate your gifts and transform. During times when the Collective pauses, we can utilise this space to accelerate and then ride the next wave of the Ascension.

Is the Universe Calling you into Action?

We have officially launched Lightworkers Rise and would love to have you with us!

What is it?
I have been training Lightworkers for years. What I have found is that many souls, me included, require a community, mentors, support, feedback to truly take our work from a hobby, perhaps sharing randomly on social media, to an actual fulfilling exciting business.

Perhaps you have dipped in and out of thinking whether you can really focus your passions towards your spiritual work.

Or perhaps you’ve been trying for aaaaages yet don’t seem to get beyond the ‘trying to be seen’ stage.

Healing our fears and insecurities through healing work is very powerful. However the key to escaping the denser arena of slow or little movement is: Action.

Action catapults you to the next level.

This may seem obvious.

So why dont people do more of it?


When we have act alone we have many fears that usually get their way. Most often unconsciously.

Procrastination, Self criticism, Lack of Focus/Direction are amongst a few reasons.

One key one is also not having someone ensure you stretch way beyond your comfort zones. Just like a personal trainer ensures you don’t give up when you think you’ve done enough, they support you in pushing through your Comfort Zone (the limiting reality that projects an illusion you are happy in your familiarity, yet secretly or not so secretly desire more).

That movement beyond the Comfort Zone seems scary each time, yet each time you move beyond it, you realise how much easier it was than you thought + you reclaim another part of your Power.

I spent years trying to ‘do it alone’. I’m not sure why it’s so prevalent especailly in the spiritual movement that we have to somehow prove to one another we have made it on our own. Yet, this is a path of suffering and often can be our Ego desire to prove our credibility as being someone valid for others to come to. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Ask for support. Reach out. Learn More.

Since my realisations around all this, I invested alot of my time, money and space towards Learning, Asking for Support & reaching out to Mentors with backgrounds in Therapy, Spiritual Awareness, Business and more. Yet I also had a Tribe (with my LCS colleagues).

This combination worked wonders and I cannot believe I didn’t know this simple answer before. As I now look around at those who are successful or fulfilled with their work/business, all of them have a healthy relationship with mentors and support. You could even say, with Receiving.

I have created (and evolved) the Lightworkers Rise program due to a genuine desire to help others like me. Those who perhaps don’t realise they need support, yet struggle and struggle and most importantly – deny the World their valuable Message.

What is Lightworkers Rise and how can it help you?

We have created a special unique community which allows you to

  • Learn how to ground and fine tune your many creative ideas into strong directional projects / a business
  • Express yourself in a safe fun environment (stretching past your comfort zones);
  • Meet other beautiful souls like you – Community
  • Receive guidance and support from those who dedicate their path to empowering you to be the best possible version of yourself – by Mentors like me
  • And lots more!

It is an 8 Week Program that can be experienced at any time, any place (in your own time beyond the 8 weeks if necessary). Plus an exclusive Expression Hub to learn how to become confident in yoru beautiful Voice and Connect with others. And 1 year access to a Private Mentoring Community wtih mentors like me who will be holding the high vibration so you can Fly.

I have made the program very accessible during these times. Bookings are open and enrolments close on 2nd November 2020 or when places fill.

Find out more here:

If you’re still unsure or are unfamiliar with my work, please check out all the free content in my Lightworker Portal, which you can access via the link above.

Blessings on your journey,

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