15 Steps to help with Depression

Depression is a signal from our Consciousness that we are ready to look within. It isn’t a disease as most would have us believe. It is an opportunity. I write this not to simplify Depression but to share the tools and techniques that worked for me and countless others I have encountered.

I experienced intense depression for just over 15 years, with suicide attempts and I will write about a more personal experience about this shortly. And whilst many things led towards me emerging from it, the following in this article were the core. One thing to remember:Whatever you are experiencing. Whatever you are feeling. There is always a way out. Always.

Depression isn’t something that magically disappears. It can come in and out throughout our life, in small moments of a few hours, a few days, a few weeks. Essentially ‘depression’ is used to describe any extended low state of being – in which case, all of us experience this at some point in our life, right?

I have it every now and then. The difference now and before? I don’t allow it to control me or freak me out. Now I see it so differently, even though it can be ugly when it rears its head, it is beautiful beyond measure when seen from a higher perspective. Now a greater part of me is in control and I allow it to be. I just know it will pass at some point, so have to stay with it. I have written multiple steps because it is natural for us to have a few that really work for us, so please take what works & evolve or leave the rest. 

Even if you manage to do one step for just one day or night, it makes a huge difference. It isn’t about trying to keep everything up and then giving up if you feel you have failed. Its about an accumulation of positive reinforcement and inner healing, which takes a process. 

Healing takes Time.

1. Recognise there is always a Purpose

Before even beginning your journey of Healing, recognise that there is a Purpose behind your situation. There is treasure waiting to be discovered beneath this intensity of darkness you are feeling. Recognise the courage you have taken to face your dark – this is far, far, far from easy. What could possibly be purposeful about your depression? 

Perhaps to change your situation, environment which is clearly not serving you in some or all ways.

Perhaps the Compassion you develop by having experienced suffering, to one day possibly help another.

Perhaps the wisdoms that you discover from your healing.

Perhaps to develop immense inner strength, through the training of being in such a state.

When we have even the tiniest glimmer of Hope, we open ourselves to see the Light in the darkness – which was always there, waiting for us to move our attention to it.

What I have found, both for myself and with others I meet is that depression leads us to our Path.

It is an incredible training procedure for learning Compassion, Wisdom, Strength, Love, Perception, Awareness. For those on the spiritual path, or those not – it seems to have a very similar direction. It leads to our deep inner awakening and offers us the training to later help others through our presence. It may seem absurd that we can even help another when we cannot help ourselves?

Yet by truly deep diving into a such an experience, gives us the tools, techniques, understanding, compassion & knowledge to help others – with just that, our experience. The power of experiencing something is deeply profound. This is just one of the gifts that are available when we tune into the purpose of depression. For souls incarnate during this time, it is an incredible training opportunity for to then hold space for others as we emerge from it. Bear this in mind, as many end up naturally moving into Coaching, Healing, Facilitating to help others move quicker through a process they had to also. It may also be a sign that exploring such an avenue – even when you’re in it, can be both self-healing and quicken your process. We are always able to give something to the world, whatever we are feeling.


In the West this word brings out a resistance within us due to our covert societal oppression, however discipline and spirituality go hand in hand. What it means is to Commit to something – to commit to you.

Daily Practice

Begin each morning and end each evening with a practice. Daily. If you miss it, ensure that you try again the following day. (there is a wonderful video at the bottom explaining more about this (In Breaking Free of your Comfort Zone). Discipline reconditions the subconscious mind and entrains us with the reality we want to experience.

Spiritual growth is essentially discipline (a series of experiences that teach us to see, perceive, experience life in a new way)

2. Meeting the Self Within – Head Cleanse

Each day, Write your heart out.

Connect with any negative emotion you have and write it out. Go all out. Swear. Make up swear words. Whether it’s about another person, situation, job, past event. Just connect and be honest. 

Release There is a tendency for many to feel that this will create or manifest more negativity in our lives. Or that we are targeting another. 

No. This is our way of finally admitting we have negative thoughts/feelings – and allowing them the space to be expressed. Which is what these emotions fundamentally want and deserve. Otherwise they are repressed, affect ourselves and lead to passive aggression.

Once in the morning and evening. See how you go, it will eventually calm down. This is a way for you to keep your mind in check.

I wrote each morning and night for 8 months just before I came out of depression. It is the most powerful technique I have ever come across. And it’s simple. And its free. Its yours. It took me a long time to do it because I thought I couldn’t write.

Ensure that you are not stying with that writing however and this is where positive entrainment is essential: Meditation, Healing, Affirmational Work. See more below

If you can speak, you can write.

3. Meditate / Listen to Guided Visualisations

The more you bring yourself into states of a Positive Nature, the more you will harbour this vibration into your day. Spiritual Growth isn’t a quick fix, it is a series of entrainments. Your Subconscious Mind and Physical Body is being reconditioned with higher philosophies of Love. 

I recommend a mixture of Eastern and Western techniques. Eastern signified as Silent Meditation and Western here I define as Guided.

Silent Meditation: Find times where you can simply be on your own. No music. No distraction. Just BE. Observe what is coming up for you in your mind. There is no need to clear the mind, just observing thoughts and emotions. If you can do this for up to 30 minutes it can be incredibly Cleansing of the mind.

For Westerners we usually have a very active mind so this can be incredibly difficult to do. This is where exercise comes in. When you tire out your body, you tire out your mind’s ability to hold thoughts. A run or an intense yoga session can provide the perfect space to then enter Meditation. In fact Osho knew this well and created an entire system just for Westerners called Dynamic Meditation (which involves participants screaming obscenities for 15 minutes) – I’ve done this. It works! We have a madness that isnt just about us – it also belongs to society. And the nature of society. When released, there is a much greater access to peace

Guided Visualisations allow us to connect to Soul Love. It is the Love energy that can help us really shift into a higher gear of frequency and vibration. This is just one of the reasons I use it. Another is if you have trouble with no-mind techniques, have a busy mind, then I really recommend guided visualisations.

This is what I used to help, due to my excessive mind (I then brought in Eastern techniques as I began to focus)

Here is a playlist list of Free Guided Visualisations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8auGo6vYh18&list=PLVHv-_YOPdptaOuk3ydxRghtrD1haJufy

4. Energy Management / Clearing

If you are highly sensitive you may be experiencing many Emotions, Energies which are simply not yours.  We are vibrational beings and everything is energy. If you roll around in the mud, you are not going to stand up completely clean. The same is true for energetics. 

For Energy Clearing, there are many ways of doing this which you can find publicly available. You can use a simple white light shower in the morning and evening. Visualise white light showering down your body and clearing all negative and low vibrational thoughts & energies. If you are sensitive, empathetic, then use this after intense conversations and any email communication that has brought up a reaction in you. And after usage of social media. Social media is essentially an extension of our aura (more on that further down).

Unfortunately we are not taught about energy management and it is so key to our vibrational health.

How do we know if it is ours or not? After the cleanse if you feel lighter, something has happened. Core issues and wounds will always be emotionally charged and cause reactions within us, here we can use Reflective Growth & Shadow Healing to help us (explored further down)

Energy Clearing Exercise: https://vazsriharan.com/2020/04/23/energy-management/


All electromagnetic devices (iPhone, Android phones, Laptops, iWatch) carry electromagnetic frequencies that will create an electromagnetic smog. It is imperative to clear this from our field or restrict usage throughout the day as these really do affect your state of being.


It lowers your frequency which allows for more illness but also denser energies, lower emotional states of being.

The radiation that is emitted from such a device is very powerfulTake a Break!! Try it for 4 hours one day and see how you feel

See if you can:

Turn your phone off completely at night – most alarms will turn the phone on automatically. Or use a separate alarm clock.

Try and keep electronics out of the bedroom.

Try not to use it 2 hours before bed. It will change your sleeping pattern tremendously.

5. Nutrition

Eating affects our emotional health. As you have heard the term Emotional Eating. Its when we eat foods that are generally destructive because they give us a temporary pleasure – with many downward side effects. 

Food affects your Mood

White Sugar is one of the most destructive culprits as it greatly affects our Mood. It raises our energy and makes us crash. Plus it leads to putting on weight and affecting our body’s natural rhythm of vitality. If you want sweetness in your life, experiment with alternative varieties e.g. Cocao Bliss Balls (Coconut, Dates (for sweetness), Cocao. Its ok to have some sugar of course, just not overload as most Western foods and especially sweets have.

Let go of Fluoride. There is enough research about this that you can read up on regarding its usage. Fluoride affects our glands and third eye, which affects your spiritual connection. I have personally felt a difference since I stopped using flouride. Your spiritual connection is paramount in allowing you to feel good – because it is the goodness of (your) spirit that you are feeling.

There are of course many items that are recommended to drop. This is a lifestyle choice – and done through experimentation. Do some of your own research and experiment.


Superfoods and Smoothies are fantastic ways to get your body and emotional/mental bodies into a state of health. Cocao is an incredible healing plant. In its raw form when added to smoothies will give a very healthy body boost for the morning.Getting healthy is not easy. Let’s not fool ourselves here. Yet just bringing in one thing or something into your day can make a massive difference. Get a NutriBullet or similar and get yourself healthy – and see the difference. The Body houses our Spirit. Without the Body’s health, how can the Spirit be healthy?

Smoothie Recipes: https://www.nutribullet.com/recipes


6. Exercise

This can be the hardest thing to do since the ego will fight it – as it’s so good for us on all levels. The ego knows. 

Cardiovascular exercise gets the blood pumping – and anything which gets you to sweat will detoxify negativity out of your system. 

Run. Go to the gym. Yoga. Anything to get you moving. What I have found to be the most effective is anything that gets me to sweat. Because depressed energy needs an outlet. It needs expression. Get moving. Every day. Make sure you have plenty of time to walk Hikes in Nature can be the best because they involve both exercise plus Nature (see 13)

7. Experience Energy Healings, Plant Medicine

Energy Healings work multidimensionally and beyond the mind. They create an incredible space for an individual to feel Unconditional Love, Healing, Transformation and above all – Peace. During times of intensity, energy healings offer us a sanctuary to feel good again. As with before, this isn’t about quick fixes, this is about entrainment. The more you feel good, the easier you will bring yourself out of a lower vibrational state.

Your DNA physically expands or contracts depending on emotional states. powerful healing states, meditation and inner work literally change the nature of our DNA (and much more). The DNA holds our memories, blueprints and taps into the multidimensionality of our ancestors. Our gifts. Wisdom. It may seem like magic at first, and it is. The quantum world and spiritual world is beyond what we currently know. And that is where Magic resides.

Example of a deep energy healing session

Plant Medicine is also an incredible way of bringing our emotions, shadow elements to the surface. This is what essentially Healing is all about. Plant Medicine (Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro) have been used for aeons for self healing and spiritual connection. They rewire the neurons in our brain, physically. Plant Medicine is not recreational in this capacity. When we treat the Plants as Teachers, we respect the spiritual growth opportunity that is readily available. When taken, the Spirit of the Plant Teacher (alongside a grounded facilitator) guides the individual journey and it is an incredibly mystical spiritual experience of deep healing. 

This will be a life choice on whether this resonates with you or not. I have had profound transformational growth with plant medicine – however it is not necessary.

For self love You will always grow at the level you are meant to / choose to – so again, it is something only if you are drawn to. Please ensure that there is a ceremony, strong positive intention and it is held by someone experienced that you trust. This is absolutely key as it connects to the Spirit of the plant and the experience is vastly different.


Remember, all healing isn’t about fixing the situation. It’s about taking us into a heightened space of re-alignment. The rest is up to us. Yet healing sessions and plant medicine experiences provide such a powerful transformative space that they essentially accelerate the process and bring to light what we cannot see. The part that is up to us then becomes easier to manage and carry out.

Be also aware of not using these as a crux however, as many can get caught in endless healings/plant medicine ceremonies. Remember to integrate through awareness. Everything is in balance and is here to allow us to learn how to be Human and live on the Earth. 

8. Affirmations. Read them. Daily.

Affirmations are sometimes thought of as a plaster on a wound. Yet affirmations are incredibly powerful because they counteract the de-ffirmations we say to ourselves on a daily level. Take your critical thoughts and reverse them – this will help heal childhood and adolescence conditionings from experiences which created those negative belief patterns in the first place. Here is a Free Affirmation Meditation to listen to that I created to get you going: 

Create your own Affirmations.

Write down 10 of your insecurities. Be honest. Then flip them around to the most positive version of them.

E.g. “I don’t feel attractive” Becomes “I am beautiful and I love my physical appearance. I send love to my cells, my physical vessel, the beautiful consort for my spirit. I know the Universe sees me with absolute beauty”

Try and be creative with your affirmations rather than simple statements as “I am beautiful”. Expand on it with your own language.

This will help balance our our critical thoughts which plague us daily and begin the subconscious mind to reprogram itself. However it is also important to look at these insecurities otherwise it is a plaster on the wound (Numbers 2, 9, 10)

9. Reflective Growth: Recognise the Nature of Depression

On some level recognise that Depression amplifies our Victim Consciousness. This is not to say that what you are experiencing isn’t incredibly intense and horrendous. It is to say that it is feeding a part within that isn’t serving the Holistic You.

The victim consciousness aspect of ourself is the one that blames reality, our external environment for our problems. So it is imperative that we recognise this and look at what isn’t working – yet also shift our Awareness, Wisdom to serve the higher philosophies of unconditional love. This means serving the aspects of Reflective Growth

Reflective Growth is where we understand that everything external is a mirror of everything internal

I spent many years blaming my external environment and situations, until I had to literally take back ownership of every single action and reaction in my life, as mine. This is the nature of Empowerment – because we say, I created it – not matter what the situation was, I created it – so that we are in control. Whether its on a human level or spiritual level, it allows us to tap into Soul consciousness where we recognise again that no externality has more power than us. You can find out more about Reflective Growth freely on the internet, or if you want to read a book that I have written specifically for this, together with Shadow Healing, click here: Infinite Being

10. Shadow Healing / Be Comfortable with your Emotions / Self Acceptance

Look at your insecurities and see which has an emotional charge to it. It may relate to an experience that is currently occurring or has happened – such as a heart-break, feeling of rejection or a job situation.

First write it out (see number 2)

Then take yourself into the emotion. Feel the emotion. Let it wash over you. We are conditioned not to feel our emotions but they are the gateways for our salvation! They literally hold the treasures that are our gifts. 

Writing beforehand can get us heated up about it, which is good. The emotion is rising. Then sit and close your eyes and tune into this emotion. Feel it as much as you can – you will not create more of it which is the general fear here, as with writing. Because of Reflection and Attraction many feel we will create more by focusing on this. This is conscious release and it is actually being authentic with what is already within us. Our emotions are here to be felt. And they don’t need to be ‘healed’ just accepted for what they represent, the emotion they feel. We have been conditioned not to feel our emotions because they are somehow wrong. 

You are perfect with your imperfections, just like everyone else.Let the emotion wash over you. Feel anger, despair, resentment, inadequacy. Let the Inner child feel this emotion and release Then visualise meeting your Inner Child and offering it absolute love. Literally visualise seeing a child in a field and approaching it and holding this child. This is a very visual form of healing, which the subconscious recognises as real. The subconscious cannot differentiate between imagination and reality, which is why visualisations are so powerful for healing.

Write a letter to an individual.

Usually there is an individual involved in our healing. Writing a letter to that person to express our true feelings can be tremendously cathartic. Write it out with the intention of giving it to them – and yet don’t give it to them. This is so you can really be honest and release all feelings.

Then burn it. Express your feelings with a letter. A letter headed to someone can bring out a part of us that needs to feel heard. 

Communication with an Individual following Healing

Usually our healing will lead us to actually communicate with another what we are feeling. If you feel drawn to this, it is incredibly healing for all involved. Ensure you have been writing (Number 2 and using Shadow Healing listed here) before approaching them otherwise they get the full force of our emotion and it can lead to arguments. 

You will be immensely surprised what may happen when you approach someone to share your side of the story. What is often missed, is the other souls’ unconscious desire to understand the consequences of their actions. This isn’t to say who is right and who is wrong, yet all deserve to know what is going on. In many cases this may not be received well or the person may not be physically around anymore. Just know that all real healing happens within and the letter can be a way of resolving this.

Self Acceptance

You are here for a reason and you are already carrying out that reason – by being who you are.  Who you are, in this moment is exactly who you need to be. This is the paradox of Spirituality. There is nowhere to go. There is nothing to heal. Yet the roundabout way we go about to truly understanding this is through the medium of spiritual growth and development.

Self Acceptance of Who you are is everything. Fall in love with who you are, warts and all. Love all your Passions and Fears, your Desires and doubts. It all makes up the unique You and all are necessary This allows us to BE with our emotions, simple BE. Be ok with being depressed, lonely, unhappy. Can we do that? Can we accept ourselves for feeling this? And not even try to fix it, just love ourselves anyway? Self Acceptance is key to finding Peace. For true peace isn’t about reaching enlightenment. It is being ok with who you are in this moment, the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs. That’s peace. It’s here and now. We all have our good days, bad days, good moments, bad moments. That’s life. The polarity of life is life. Let’s fall in love with the duality rather than escape it – this is the key to unity consciousness. Paradoxically as we do that, we begin to be less affected by the negative states as much as before. Yet they still exist and bring us an incredible amount of treasure. The Light and the Dark are both essential parts of our Existence, just as Day and Night.

Here is a prayer for Dark Night of the Soul

11. Take a Digital Detox: Social Media

Social Media can be highly destructive when not in harmony with our Self, for a variety of reasons. Distraction is heroin for Depression. It further disassociates us from what is desperately calling for attention – Ourselves.

Additionally, social media has been known to enhance insecurities and lack of self worth. In fact a study has been done by the University of Copenhagen found that sense of self esteem was much higher for those who quit using social media. This is due to our innate nature to compare – and its CRITICAL we are honest about our insecurities instead of pretending we are somehow beyond this. 


Does your work rely upon social media yet you are feeling incredibly drained by it?

What is more important?

This is the real question

What do you value more?

It should always be your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health!

Remember there are always solutions yet it really does come down to priorities.

Are you going to feel alone when you disconnect from social media? Feel more on your own? At first, probably. Yet it’s important to Meet Yourself on a real level. And to Meet Others on a real level (more on that further down). Ensure your real life connections are thriving.

12. Break Free of Your Comfort Zone

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of this list. Because this also breaks you free of the Depression bubble that you have been caught in. When you break free of your comfort zone and do something new you allow yourself to literally LIBERATE yourself from a situation.

Try something New. Find a Meetup. Go and Meet New People. Force yourself to do this You are the ONLY person who can change your life

No one else is here to do that. Everyone else is a guide. You have access to a Warrior / Goddess within who can assist you. And it is far easier than we think.

Use the 5 Second Rule to Push yourself to do things. Explained beautifully here by Mel Robbins:

13. Nature

Mother Earth carries the exact energies, frequencies for our Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health. When I visited the Amazon and was surrounded by the lungs of the Earth I recognised just how powerful Nature healing is – here I was naturally being aligned to the frequency of Mother Earth. The Schumann Resonance is the measurement of Earth’s natural frequency. Every living plant, tree emanates a bioliving energetic vibration that brings us into balance.Walk in Nature. Walk barefoot. Immerse yourself for 2+ hours. This gives us long enough to cleanse from energetic disharmony. Much like what was discussed earlier, we need movement and time to let the mind settle – otherwise it just wants to get out of there. As you’re walking, you probably wont feel peace at all!

Esp if you are heavily distracted or caught up in situations/experiences. Yet when you return, there will be a difference. This is inevitable. It sinks through your field and takes time to work. It is like when you go to a windy beach for the day and when you get home, that windswept feeling of the sea air has blown you into a state of peace that you weren’t fully aware of at the time. Nature works on many levels.

Nature radiates negative ions which are desperately called for by our bodies in a world of excessive positive ions (electronic gadgets, phones, cities etc)

Nature is your friend.

Mother Earth heals in profound ways. I have travelled to many of the world’s high power spots and have found this to be my greatest form of healing as well. Glastonbury, England; Mt Shasta, California; Sedona, Arizona; Amazon, Peru; there are many around the world which carry profound healing vortices and energies that naturally align our energy fields.

Travelling in itself is highly healing as it allows us to leave our boxed personality behind and experiment by breaking free of our comfort zones.

14. Find a Friend: The Power of Communication & Community

Support on this journey makes a huge difference. Without the support that I received towards the end of my journey from an individual who believed in me, I don’t know if I would have made it out at that time. We all need support, yet we all need to be ready for support.You may feel like your friends don’t understand you or want to hear from you – initially we feel even more rejected, ridiculed. However most people in society simply are not taught how to handle this, so it can also be scary for them to see or to know what to do. So please don’t take it personally or vilify them either, this can lead to a further victimisation of ourselves and withdrawal from society. 

If it isn’t flowing with an individual or group of friends to receive the support you need, then look for the many places which offer this support.

In fact it is easier to open up in groups where you do not know anyone and there are plenty of them around. They are support groups which offer Sharing

Communication opens us up to release. And to be heard by another soul, somehow incredibly brings a healing energy that is unparalleled. This may be through Counselling, Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring sessions on a 1-2-1 basis, or through Group work. See how you feel. It may work it may not work for you, depending on your personality you may seek one or the other.

Remember there are thousands and thousands of Therapists and Healers out there, so whilst one may not resonate with you, doesn’t mean that what they represent doesn’t resonate with you.

Everyone works differently and trust you will find the right person. In the meantime, ask for help – ask the Universe for help and you will receive support. It may not come today or tomorrow yet it will come. What I realised for so long was that I desperately wanted help but was also blocking it tremendously, because subconsciously I didn’t want to open up and also to face my stuff. All in Divine Timing, matched with your ultimate inner empowerment.Say these simple words before bed: “I am ready” three times, for a week. You’ll be surprised what can occur. These are the words I said in the final weeks before I made a huge breakthrough in my depression. So simple yet took me 15 years to say it and mean it. 

Keep an eye out for my upcoming online Community based group for people to connect to. (Sign up to my mailing list for updates).

15. You are not alone. You are Connected. You are part of the Whole

Remember that you are not alone. This is both on a physical human level and spiritual level.

Millions of people experience depression in any given moment. Billions even. It is a state of being that occurs now and then. Remember that you share something that many others do.

We try to make our case so unique yet by knowing that we are not alone in our suffering can bring immense relief.

Remember that the Universe is always with you, always supporting you, always loving you. Always.

Always surrounding you. Always caring for you. You may not be seeing, hearing, or feeling their support even when you cry out to them (as I did for many years). It isn’t because they aren’t listening. It’s because they are following your higher commands, your free will choice of non-interference for the fullest empowerment that you can have. They know what true empowerment means even if it pains them to see you in pain.

True empowerment is for you to find your way back to yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Spirit does indeed help, yet it can be very subtle and so subtle we don’t see it – because we want the grand show, and essentially let’s face it – we want to be saved. So in order to purge this desire to be saved we have to break free of that (victim consciousness energy) ourselves. 

They help behind the scenes in beautiful, magical, little ways. And its only in those moments of true connection that we see what’s really going on. Our life is a kaleidoscope of perceptions.

You are Oneness incarnate as the One

The Whole is incomplete with you. Literally, nothing would exist if you didn’t exist. Thats because you are interconnected with All That Is.Remember this.

As you do, you will in time begin to connect in with the inner truth that is your Divinity. A timeless, ancient Soul that is birthing yet again, through the prism of your consciousness. Here is a visualisation to connect to your Soul Presence, and remind you of the External Spiritual Support you have:

I hope some or all of these can help you begin to make a shift in your life. At the end of the day no one can change your life, only you can. Yet by understanding that you can, in every moment, can give you the inspiration and empowerment to make changes for you.

And remember, it may take you weeks or months or even another year to emerge from it. Try not to place a time limitation or expectation on yourself for healing. It usually leads to disappointment which you don’t need. Experience what it is and remember there is a purpose.

Can you fall in love with your depression? Fall in love with what you are experiencing? See the benefit? Write about it? Maybe even share what you are feeling with others? Just be with it, as you would with a vulnerable child. And be with this experience and let your Spirit decide when the experience needs to move on, as you focus on loving yourself even more.

If I can do it, anyone can.


If you are seeking more transformative assistance, sign up to my mailing list and receive a free Self Love course with more healing insights and transformational content: Click here


Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of intense depression through spiritual growth and healing. Vaz used these techniques to write a book, called Infinite Being and in 2007 he set up the London College of Spirituality which now has over 16,000 members Vaz has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing all his life and is passionate about continuously evolving the way we all work. He has a deep love for Gaia, having travelled to and lived in many of the planet’s sacred power spots, energies of which he uses in all his work. www.vazsriharan.com

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