Reclaiming Your WillPower

I’ve been fasting since my last Transmission on Sunday. I usually do it several times a year. Often the priority is health or detox. Yet I mainly do it also to heal my emptiness and awaken my willpower

If you’ve ever fasted you know that it isn’t so much being hungry that makes it difficult. It’s also the fact that we divide our days based on our meals. Once you take out Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (or Elevenses, Brunch, Tea, Snacks) you’re left with…Space. 

This space usually evokes feelings of emptiness at first, part of the purging. The emptiness comes from our attachment to food of course but also reflecting something we do to make our day, our time, our life valuable. 

Throughout our life, the emptiness, or the void as it’s known, is always present as it’s part of our human experience. Our journey of awakening inner love means that love needs to move into an area.That area is the void. 

Our attachments to Fill Up can include anything. Food is just one. Distraction. Drama. Stimulants. Stimulation. Etc

There is nothing wrong with any of these, it’s only when they have become an antidote to living life itself. 

And the more we feed the void in our effort to fill up, the more we feel the emptiness….And the more we need things to make us fill the emptiness. Another loop. 

There are many things that can help us fill up more effectively and these of course include all the things good for us. Meditation. Healing. Exercise. Expression. Adventure. Creation. Laughter. Etc 

We know this.

So why don’t we do more of the good stuff and less of the other stuff? 

The key to shifting sideways from this loop is using your willpower to create change. Change evokes your life force and you…Live. Truly Live. 

And reclaiming your willpower is reclaiming your power. It’s no coincidence the word power is in willpower. 

It’s so easy to give in, give up, abandon something we said we’d commit to something. I know this on day 1 of my fast when it’s the hardest to start and continue and easiest to say, another time. Esp when sweet intoxicating aromas of food fill the house from other people’s cooking! 

It isn’t what’s easy that actually brings us happiness all the time. This is a common misconception. It’s the challenges in life that bring us real long lasting happiness

Because we strive through our more seductive limiting nature and Break Through… The Break Through reflects an emerging of our Power, Strength, Abilities, Personality Traits ~ Treasures we never knew we had.

We feel so relieved that we stayed the course 

Our free will needs to be trained or we can continue to feel powerless.

It’s like when you say I want to exercise but then say you can’t do it. Or you’ll do it later. Or start and then not continue the next day. That feeling of I can’t do it or won’t do it – isn’t actually you. It’s an idea that is incredibly seductive that becomes you when you adopt it.

And it evokes powerlessness. Yet it can always be thrown aside at any moment too. So why don’t we do exactly that?

Like with anything, we need small increments to make that change. And free will needs training. It’s always harder at the beginning because we have consistently given our power away and are actually addicted to the limiting scenario. The limiting scenario is our comfort zone and as powerless as it may make us feel….It’s comfortable. 

There are deeper reasons to this and it also reflects the personality we identify with the comfort zone.It gives us some form of value. 

Perhaps it says, we don’t need to show up in life.

Or we don’t need to succeed, for fear of failure.

So may as well not try.

There are many reasons for what we each create… 

When we treat our association with something limiting as an addiction, we are more able to see clearly what it truly is. Therefore, we take more applicable action to create change. 

So how do you train your free will? 

First it’s truly recognising that every day is an opportunity for you to reclaim your power back. Every moment. Right now…. 

And always begin small.

If you go for the end goal, it only re-emphasises the belief that you cannot do it when you’re unable to meet it.

Big goals aren’t meant to be accomplished straight away. It’s the small steps that organically lead to the bigger ones. 

If it is to bring meditation into your life, rather than say OK I’m going to do 1 hour every day!

Begin with 5 or 10 minute breathing each day. And keep it up for 1 week. Then expand. Same with Exercise. 

You see once you start, you have broken the rule that says you can’t do it. 

The other element is to recognise that we do these things not because we want to.

That’s another misconception.  

We do it because we need to. 

It’s part of our spiritual emotional mental physical health. Our Awakening.

Blessings on your journey,



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