Do you Trust yourself?

It’s a big question and one that doesn’t really have a clear answer. This is more of an enquiry.

Trust is so important on our path because it affects every single decision we make.

When we have lost trust in ourself, we second guess everything, we procrastinate. We see life as an obstacle course we have to try and outmanoeuvre. Yet it often leads to us being paralysed by our fears.

Trust affects your decision-making process and also how you see your reality.

If you lose trust in your world, in what is happening to you, what has happened to you and what may happen to you….Your reality can become a place where you feel out of control and also feel is out to get out you…rather than being your continual Ally.

So how do we lose trust in ourselves?

It can come down to many things. Often the leading cause of this is related to our past experiences and how we have come to peace with our Mistakes, Failures and Regrets. It also deeply connects with how supported we feel.

I have a funny story about this.

Beginning last year I noticed I was suddenly feeling apprehensive when I was on a first or second floor of a building. I was unconsciously thinking, how strong is this flooring?

I better not put my heavy equipment here and instead leave it on the ground floor. It was so unconscious that I didn’t really notice what I was thinking. Then I realised it had moved to other things, like how strong is my bed! 🙈 The Universe was clearly trying to get my attention.

And so I tuned in and realised –

Wow, I literally don’t feel supported.

It was strange because I was in a place in my life where I had no reason to really feel this. Yet as I explored, these feelings weren’t coming from the present, they were from my past.

Back when I was running the London College of Spirituality, I made great decisions which led to amazing creations and results. Yet I sure made countless numbers of mistakes and failures. Whilst I knew this was part of growing, I hadn’t come to terms with many of them because I was feeling regret.

Regret that I should have made better decisions, taken better actions, done things differently. And I realised my perspective of my time there was still clouded by these feelings of inadequacy. 

And so this experience I had, created a belief that I wasn’t supported, perhaps by the Universe. And this had to be faced.

These feelings of not trusting ourself, the Universe, our reality – affects everything.

We all make mistakes and failures. Yet it’s so important we make peace with them rather than dismissing them.

You may have heard phrases such as ‘there are no mistakes or failures’ – I used to believe this. Yet what I found is that this only made me fear mistakes even more! And perhaps more importantly: not own up to my place in that decision making experience and what actions needed to be taken – Responsibility.

Mistakes or failures are not a bad thing, they teach us. It is more important to not be afraid of these words and concepts.

If we bring them closer and see them for what they are, we can catapult into new horizons with those teachings.

For me it’s about putting less emphasis on the power of these words. It’s just every day life.

And when we really meet them, we allow ourselves to Receive in whole new ways. It’s all connected in incredible ways.

I created this video as an Inspiration to speak out about this very theme, you can watch here:

Blessings on your journey,


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