Planetary Light Grids

Note from Vaz: I work with the Planetary Light Grids in all of my Divine I AM Transmissions. This article is given to help explain more about the nature of the Grids, from my perspective. You have your own unique connection to the Grids ~ Trust your connection. It is a beautiful gift that is awaiting your conscious activation.

The Planetary Light Grids

The Planetary Light Grid surrounds the Earth, and acts as an energetic overlay for Gaia. Essentially it can be viewed as a criss-crossing grid of energy lines that are continuously moving, vibrating, pulsating – and Conscious. They are Alive. They carry the super intelligence of Higher Consciousness. The Supreme Endless Love. They also carry the evolving possibilities for Humanity and Gaia, which may also be referred to as the Ascension frequencies.

The Planetary Light Grids go by many names: The Crystalline Grid. The Unity Matrix Grid. Christ Consciousness Grid.

There is also an Earth Crystalline Grid, which is within the planet, which is different in nature.

The Planetary Light Grids are also not to be confused with the Matrix ~ a term to refer to an idea that humanity is kept within a low frequency bandwidth to keep it from ascending (Theories diverge on whether this has been placed by other species or humanity itself as a form of contrast experiment).

The Planetary Light Grids work beyond any interference from duality – because they are founded upon the principles of Unity Consciousness. Anything that harbours unity consciousness templates are impervious to dualistic interference. (Some believe the Crystalline Grids are new, yet many feel the Grids are ancient in nature and this is supported by the work of the Indigenous).

Additionally the Planetary Light Grids is different to Mass Consciousness, which is the egregore collective consciousness of humanity. However the Grids work with Mass Consciousness, and all Consciousness upon the planet.

Light Grid Intersections on Planet Earth

There are many portals, vortices and major power spots on the planet. All of these are connected, beneath and above in direct communion with the Planetary Light Grids (and Earth Grid). The Planetary Light Grids are responsible for anchoring higher light, frequencies, codes upon the planet ~ essentially allowing for the continued connection between Spirit and Matter. The Grids work with multidimensional, and interdimensional portals and gateways both on the planet and around. Intersections of the grids provide an incredible place of spiritual power and connection.
Major power spots act as conduits for the Light Grids to anchor down streams of new consciousness.

Image from Harmonious Earth

Mt Shasta, California, is a significant Gateway, working with the Light Grids and some say is the major point of Higher Consciousness download onto the planet. Many mountains act in this way and their place of reverence and worship amplifies this Sacred Energy. Additionally what has been referred to as Chakra Points are pivotal intersections; and not coincidentally major places of Awakening Consciousness amongst humanity. The energies here literally support greater growth, realisation, awakening.However this is not to create a hierarchy amongst places amongst the planet…Gridwork & Pollination

“All of the Earth is Sacred.
As a human being, you act as a conduit – an acupuncture needle for Mother Earth – and assist in distributing energies, frequencies across the Earth.
Every single moment, you are uploading and downloading this exchange between yourself and the land you are upon. As you move between places, you help distribute and pollinate this across the planet. Much guidance for needing to go to a place ‘for unknown reasons’ is also guided by Mother Earth communing with you directly, albeit unconsciously.
Whilst there may have not been anything significant happening for you on the conscious level – the energetic pollination and Gridwork you are doing is essential for the continued work in planetary evolution.
Prior to your incarnation you agreed to work on multidimensional levels. This means consciously with the spiritual growth you have given for yourselves; as well as the work you assist us with beyond your tangible/conscious knowing.
This incredulous moment in Time is only possible because of your participation within it”
(channelled through Vaz)

Many evolved Star Nations will utilise the Planetary Light Grids to assist with Earth & Humanity’s ascension; communication; channelling; and expansion. And many indigenous cultures work with the Light Grids upon the Earth at sacred sites in incredibly important positions of helping the Planetary Light Grids with its continuing purpose.You are always working with the Light Grids of the planet whether you are conscious of it or not. Uploading and downloading your ideas, creations, innovations, and more. As you sleep, you are being attuned to the frequency of the Consciousness.

Energetic Overlay of the Planetary Light Grids

The Grids are an extension of Mother Earth, and in essence can be seen as her very advanced Auric field. All creatures that walk upon the Earth (humanity included) are under the complex yet intrinsically interconnected guidance of Nature, which is also directing via the Planetary Light Grids. Simultaneous Evolution that occurs across the planet, are assisted by the Grids which are consistently working towards Harmony and Expansion. Additionally, downloads of new ideas are supported by the Planetary Light Grids across the Earth.The Planetary Light Grids carry higher frequencies, codes, energies that carry the essence of Unity Consciousness. They are beyond the dualistic games that the consciousness upon the Earth are experiencing. And yet they are highly aware of the each and every experience of every soul. They carry an incredibly deep form of love and admiration; acceptance and appreciation for every soul and their experiences.

During my time working with the Divine I AM Transmissions (which work directly with the Planetary Light Grids), I have found that through all of the activations and magical experiences, one thing has been paramount: they want every soul to understand just how magnificent they are, as they are, in this moment. It may seem simple, yet this is a complex wisdom to embody. And so with each encounter I meet a multitude of new wisdoms, understandings about how to do this.

The Activational energy of the Planetary Light Grids

The Grids are Crystalline in nature, and work with an incredibly high frequency. The Lemurians were masters of understanding how to work with crystals and crystalline energetics. The Grids have an ability to work on all layers of the human being: Emotional Body, Mental Body, Physical Body, DNA, Etheric Bodies, Astral, Causal, Light Bodies. This provides an incredible space for Expansion. As the DNA carries experiences and stories across genetic lifetimes, there are multidimensional strands of the DNA that carry the same across incarnations (regardless of genetics). The Light Grids work both of these; as well as the Cells, the Light Bodies to awaken dormant Gifts, anchor in New Vibrations and essentially provide incredible transformation for each soul.

As the Light Grids are connected with the Earth all across the planet, it is by nature a grounded system – provided it is consciously used with the Earth Grid. When you are working with the Light Grids unconsciously, this is all taken care of for you. With conscious interaction (with any form of energetic work), there needs to be an understanding of how to work with the physical Earth to Ground, Anchor, Protect and Discharge the energies.

Where did the Planetary Light Grids come from?

It can be said that the Grids were always present in one form or another, as the energetic extension of Gaia.

It is also said that the Lemurian Civilisation, a super advanced culture that predates the Atlantean era, was pivotal in establishing the Crystalline Planetary Light Grids. This civilisation was initially semi-ethereal and the the bridge between a higher density vibratory form and the physical form.

“A Lemurian Dream” ~ Artwork by Adya Nova

The Lemurian’s physical era passed, yet in their ascended form they oversee the enormous task (amongst many other beings) as Guardians of the Planetary Light Grids. The Lemurian Council are a collection of light beings & group consciousness’s who have large planetary interests and yet work with many, many individuals around the world with their ascension. There is of course a direct relationship between the individual path and the collective one.A Different Time in your Spiritual Evolution

“You have entered an incredibly new time of Integration. Bringing together many elements that have for aeons seemed polarised. Light and Dark. Spirit and Matter. Intuition and Structure. Expansion and Presence. Feminine and Masculine. Mind and Heart. Love and Mindfulness. Power and Humility…What is it that creates the balancing point between all of these areas?
Perhaps what you would call the Heart.
Yet this Heart isn’t in the middle of your chest.
It is the essence of your Eternal Presence. The Divine I AM within you. The Timeless.
The label, as you can see, is less important than the understanding that it is You that is bringing all these elements together through a process that is very new to you. It is not a logical process.
It requires Trust
It requires Openeness
It requires Receptivity
And perhaps above all, right now in your timeline, it requires a willingness to bring closer – the ideas, the parts of yourself – that you have pushed away
Remember to Balance what you are experiencing. Remember to even be Open to this.
You do not belong to your Beliefs. They do not belong to you. They are fleeting gateways of understanding and experience. Find the ones that take you towards Wholeness and you will always be shown many more gateways ahead.
We Trust in you, Always.”

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Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving the way we work. Today he works in a number of fields from healing to community work.
Vaz is passionate about working from the heart. He has a deep love for Gaia, having travelled to and lived in many of the planet’s sacred power spots, including Mount Shasta, Sedona, Kauai, Cairo, Ojai, Glastonbury, Byron Bay, Koh Phangan, the Amazon, energies of which he uses in all his work.
Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions and author of Infinite Being.

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