Money Scarcity

Scarcity in terms of poverty consciousness is the idea where we experience a reality that emanates lack. 

It is an idea.

However real it may seem. All of our realities emanate from ideas.

Easier said than experienced right?

I know this topic well as I have experienced scarcity with regards to financial security for the most part of my life and a lot of the early part of my lightworker journey. While scarcity affects all of us in different ways throughout our life, what I refer to here is money scarcity in terms of survival based reality. We just make our ends meet. Or consistently below it. Hand to mouth living.

So I get it. It’s hard. Very similar to depression where you don’t feel you can get out of it. And this is a key factor which I’ll return to shortly.

It’s fascinating because even when we are gifted with money we can create the same circumstances to create the feeling of lack again. Such as creating sudden needs and passions – in the future – that take the feeling of owning that present money – so we feel scarcity again.

Why would we want to feel scarcity?

It means that if we are experiencing scarcity we actually want to experience it because it is serving one or many purposes.

We are always creating a personality that matches our reality. Or more accurately:

We are always creating our reality that matches our personality. 

A reality that emanates scarcity means that our personality can remain portraying it’s particular persona. And this limiting persona may be serving us in many of the following ways.

Perhaps it means:

  • We don’t have to show up in life
  • We don’t have to try  – perhaps for fear of failure
  • We don’t have to try – perhaps for fear of success and what that represents (this is a real fear that many have)
  • We don’t need to be responsible – in case we fail, or because we think we can’t handle it.
  • We continue to live in our limiting comfort zone
  • We don’t want to change our family’s programming 
  • We fear losing the money once we obtain it because we don’t think we can keep it
  • We fear being judged by others for earning well
  • We fear earning more because we will be taxed more (fear of not being able to manage money) 

There are many possible reasons yet we are certainly benefitting from the scarcity we believe we don’t want.

Some of these are ancestral, others familial and societal.

To move beyond scarcity is very similar to moving beyond depression; or any limiting state of being. I know this from my own experience with both.

How are they similar?

  • You have a reality that is very limiting and to move to the next you can’t just suddenly believe you’re empowered to feel better. You have to do the work
  • To do the real work, you have to first realise why you are addicted to your current reality.
  • To do this you need to be vulnerable – look at ALL your beliefs and question ALL of them. No belief escapes the illumination of your insight and transformation 
  • To break out of your current reality: means you also have to break out of many limiting comfort zones – that are pretty damn comfortable!
  • You have to recognise that to Change, to truly Change means this is entirely up to you. Only you are responsible for your reality. Meaning no one is going to save you. And nothing will save you. Examples are heavily relying upon salvation ideas such as winning the lottery (yes possible, yet v.rare) or manifestation by thinking good abundance thoughts (this works most effectively when there is holistic change – internal and external, explained more below)

Once you have admitted to the above, then you are ready and you know what is needed

And the real work involves re-programming yourself with new belief systems, taking action upon those belief systems and here you begin to see the real change. 

So how can that look like?

In my Lightworker training, I take people on a journey with their Money stories and to eventually begin to vibrationally speak about it in more aligned ways to their heart – and with confidence. It always fascinates me how similar we all are. And therefore how we can all break free out of limiting belief based realities.

You can begin with starting these practices below

Writing out your Money Fears

You can start to do this yourself by writing out your fears. Write and explore:

  • Your absolute beliefs of why you cannot earn or do well
  • Perhaps its to do with the economy – recognise we will always seek things externally to match our firm inner beliefs.
  • Do you blame others for your financial circumstances?

As you explore them, ask

  • Am I willing to let go of this belief?
  • Would it change who I am?
  • Would this cause embarrassment for me with the people around me because I am changing?
  • Look at how you view others who are financially successful. Do you secretly judge them , envy them, want them to lose it?
  • Do you support others who charge and do well?
  • How much do I really want financial freedom?

Re-Programming You Belief System around Money

Listen to these money affirmations I created specifically to reframe your idea about your relationship with money.

Look at what you do not like to look at

  • Look at your Accounts. 
  • Create a budget.
  • Manage your Spending.
  • Look at it every 2-3 days even if nothing has changed. 
  • See how much money you have in your bank and take back control of your relationship with money.

Healthy Financial Relationship

Begin listening to those who are financially successful such as a podcast or via YouTube. Affirm new ideologies around Money and create a much healthier relationship with this concept. Retrain yourself to Normalise this healthy financial relationship.

Gratitude for what you have right now

  • Be grateful for the abundance in your life right now. Appreciate all that you experience beyond Financial Abundance – the abundance of perhaps family, friends, time to yourself, nature, the little things.
  • However, be careful not to spiritual bypass your needs and say “I have everything I need so I don’t want or need anything else”. This isn’t true. We always want and need more and that isn’t a bad thing.
  • It is possible to be grateful for things and still want more.
  • Spiritual bypassing in this way will suppress your natural desires and say I am not worthy of what I truly feel or not worthy of having more.

Invest in yourself 

Scarcity mindset says I cannot afford. I wish it was cheaper. Please discount me.

Investing in your development sends a powerful signal. I value this persons work and I trust. I trust I will always learn something.

As I do? I am also valued in my life for what I offer. I receive.

It took me a long time to begin to invest in myself. I thought – I don’t have the money. Yet I wanted others to invest in me. Essentially I was not valuing the exchange others sought, how could I in myself?

Since I broke out of this trap, I have invested tens of thousands of £ in courses and trainings. All of it worth it. Even the ones that didn’t meet my expectations – because we learn from everything if we’re brave enough to choose Growth over Fear. And we say: I value myself enough to spend upon. Self care = I Receive.

It may be a Coach, Training, Healing Modality, New Skill. Learn. Invest. It will repay you.

For me it was the major turning point in my ability to receive, by honouring exchange itself. 

Those who reach, stretch and open their reality – receive in kind. 


Question what you are reading, surrounding yourself by – is it affirming more of your limiting perspectives or is it affirming Possibility and your Greatness

Also question who you are surrounded by and their perspectives about money. This doesn’t mean you need to shed them out of your life just be aware of being influenced. We are all influenced by one another all of the time.

Take Action 

Are you hiding from the world? Find ways to Show Up – so you can receive Life’s Treasures!

Easier said than done? It’s hardly easy for most people. The key is to have your heart on the goal of your desires.

You may have a vision board or intention list of what you want – then understand to vibrationally match them and open the opportunities to receive them, there needs to be action on your part.

Try and Fail. Watch this video I created about mistakes:

You are always creating your reality.

Even when there is lack, lack is being created.

It is a misnomer to say we are unable to create because everything is continually being created. 

This is important because it reclaims your power when you honour your continual eternal creative power.

Money belongs to you. It always has and always will.

Your ability to receive it depends upon what you are willing to do to embrace it.

And that shift isn’t nearly as big as you may think.

It does however involve the hard work: commitment, dedication, perseverance.

Do the above consistently for a month and see the changes in your life.

Wishing you to receive the great abundance that awaits you.


Your Gifts are your Treasures: Are you interested in seizing your Lightwork by the reins and participating in the Great Shift in consciousness by showing up to your Soul Purpose? ! Explore more in my Lightworkers Rise Training course. Let’s step out together:


Vaz is a Lightworker Mentor and loves to awaken Souls to their Divine Purpose. After traversing his own journey through the many challenges and hurdles, he now focuses on supporting other souls in activating their soul mission. He also loves to give people a good shake up so they wake up to the incredible reality that is waiting for them!

Founder of London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions & Author of Infinite Being.

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