Fighting Reality or Meeting it?

Life flows when we flow with it.
It seems so simple yet this was one of the hardest lessons for me to grasp. I used to be: if I don’t like what’s happening, let me resist it as much as possible.
Yet it would always lead to me to suffer even more.

The key usually is right in front of us. Rather than battling what we don’t like, which takes an enormous amount of energy. We do something bizarre to our reactionary self: We Meet It.

Meet it. Understand It.

We B R E A T H E

Use it as an opportunity to grow.
To learn from.
To find treasures within to Elevate.

When we always approach reality with the Question: What Can Be?
Everything changes.

We move from a no-win scenario where we feel powerless to seeing every situation as a win-win for all.
This approach sees Solutions where the other sees dead ends.
It sees Inclusivity where the other sees Enemies
It feeds Growth & Communication where the other feeds reactions and discord.
It seeks out Liveliness and Engagement with Life where the other maintains Passivity and Withdrawal

What Can Be is a way of life and takes us into the Flow State with All That Is.

And it takes great courage to meet our reality.
The magic of all this?
Our reality is an extension of who we are. As we meet it, we are also accepting more of who we are. Judgment and Separation have a hard time existing in this frequency.

Whereas Peace and Expansion thrive.


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