Energy Management

Those of you reading this, or drawn to my work, are usually those more sensitive to energies, experiences, emotions & life. This is a tremendous Gift. Although can often seem a struggle too.

One of the things I’ve learned over time, as someone who is sensitive to energies, is to also recognise how influenced I am by my environment, be it immediate or collective. It took me a while to acknowledge this, as I didn’t want to blame my environment / others for my wellbeing. Yet over time I realised just how much I was carrying, on a daily basis.

We pick up things from our environment. From others. From the collective. From watching the news to being immersed in social media. From conversations to emails.

And even without all of this, simply being sensitive to mass consciousness and it’s fluctuating resonance.

This isn’t to victimise those who are more sensitive, or to blame where it is coming from. It is in fact to take responsibility for the incredible gift of sensitivity itself (also known as psychic awareness or awareness itself). And to learn how to self manage our energetic field, which we are rarely taught in society.

‘Clearing’ allows us to do this. If it is truly ours to deal with (I.e. soul growth lessons), we can never clear it. It will always remain for us to meet. Yet for the energies we can release, it signifies just how much we carry around. Here, much like if we roll around in the grass, we come home and have a shower to clear our physical body. The energy body requires just as much (if not more) attention.

Here is a Quantum Energy Clearing guided meditation that I channeled through last year to support sensitive individuals clear their fields. It is a practical short session (under 15 mins) and involves standing up and utilising your chi energy. I’ve found it very effective – especially in these times.

Of course, self love, energy healing work and spiritual growth will always continue to strengthen your field – yet – we also cannot help where we are at in our journey. Our auras always love a good energetic shower 🙂 Blessings on your journey Namaste Vaz

Click below to listen (please read the description first).

This exercise requires you to be standing and moving your arms in certain directions to work with your Chi, Energy Field and Consciousness. Please find a quiet space with room for you to stand and move your arms in all directions. { Please see further down for a written description of the poses }

This is a High Vibrational Clearing exercise to clear low vibrational energies & entities, with 3 Discs of Purifying Light. Working on the Conscious, Atomic, Quantum and Multidimensional levels.

Additionally working with the Violet Flame for deeper clearing. This clearing exercise has been channelled from the Ascended Beings of Light of the Planetary Light Grids, who are amongst the many higher light beings of consciousness overseeing the Ascension process. They are committed to assist you with your own Awakening process.

If you are feeling low, insecure, unworthy, uncertain, try this exercise to see if you feel immediately better. If so then was that energy ‘completely’ yours to begin with? Or simply use this to cleanse when the collective energies are feeling dense.

You will move between four phases:

  1. Arms to your side, slightly extended from your hips, with palms facing forward
  2. Arms outwards, like an aeroplane, with palms facing downwards
  3. Arms up, so your body makes a Y shape
  4. Arms straight up, like superman/girl! (Please do not worry if you are doing the poses ‘correct’ or not, it is always aligned for you in that moment)

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