Meeting Your Future Self

Earlier on in my journey, I had a profound spiritual experience that set up a Time Paradox. (I’ve had a couple of these in my life, creating powerful ripples).

I had this particular experience when I wasn’t doing much with my life, I was still in depression and I was moving from job to job, feeling meaningless and not worthy of having anything useful to offer the world.

In this vision I saw a window / doorway and out of which my Future Self stepped through! It was so powerful that I didn’t even question what was happening, I saw this person who seemed so fulfilled and at peace and he began to relay to me all the things that I would be doing and creating.

From my perspective back then, all of these things he spoke about would have until then – seemed impossible. In fact so much was out of my worldview of possibility that I had never even considered them. Guiding, Teaching, Leading, Facilitating, Creating businesses – all seemed almost amusing to the boy who couldn’t even keep a job longer than his attention span.

Yet this meeting had a profound effect on me. As I heard these words, through a presence reflecting my own energy, something in me stirred. I knew this felt right.

It was resonating with my Soul who had no limitations about my possibilities and potential.

Up until that point, I had rarely given much nurturing to my Soul presence and the soft voice that radiates from our special place within. I was too busy listening to the loud voice telling me what I couldn’t do, how difficult life was, or why I shouldn’t try and do new things.

The paradox of this meeting was that my future self – as he reached across time – implanted a seed of Knowingness.

A strong idea grew within me: If he was able to exist, then I was able to become him. And more than accomplishments, it grounded a reality where I could be fulfilled with my life, have a purpose that flowed through me, enjoying life’s adventures.

It shifted from trying to believe in myself, to knowing in myself. And this knowing became a gravity that drew so many experiences and possibilities into my orbit that wouldn’t have been able to beforehand.Because beforehand I wasn’t even allowing their possibility into my world.

As times passes, such visions can of course lose their impact and we begin to doubt again very easily. Yet I would return in meditation to connect to this future self and remind myself of what is not only possible, but probable. All I needed was a gateway into possibility itself.

When I was running LCS, I would log into the email accounts of fellow lightworkers and write them emails – from their future self! Even though this was largely to make them laugh, it always had an amazing effect of empowering them, in a way that only they could, when read from their own energy.

I have created a guided journey to take you into an experience to connect with your Future Self. Rather than specifically outlining what we think we are going to do, this journey connects with you on a soul level to empower your possibility.

When I work with lightworkers, we are doing exactly this: Acknowledging the fears, insecurities we all have – yes of course. Yet to empower the possibility.

To empower your Soul presence.

To keep reminding you of what is possible within you.

When you are surrounded by reminders, guideposts and people who consistently believe in you, know in you…

Anything is possible.

If you want to awaken your Potential, Possibility, Wonder, join us for my next enrolment of Lightworkers Rise:


Your Future Self

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