Resistance: Things I wish others would have said to me

What are you waiting for?

…For the Universe to give you a sign?

…For someone else or the Universe to do it for you?

…For things to collapse so that you have to make the Change?

…For the ‘right time’ to take action / have that difficult conversation you KNOW you need to make?

Why do we wait till we’re backed into a corner before we act?

Why do we wait to make changes that we know, deep down, our soul has been requesting


..Calling for us to make!

To change our reality to one that is more aligned to what will serve us..?

It seems crazy! Yet understanding why we resist is an even more fascinating journey that leads to finally liberate ourselves from illusionary shackles.


My journey has shown me that Contentment is one of the most dangerous states of being.

It offers statements such as:

…Everything is OK

Things will happen when they are meant to

Not to worry (read: think) about it…

Now I feel I don’t need what I was yearning for after all. I’m good!

These can make us feel good in the moment…yet do they help us in the long term?

If not, they become spiritual platitudes

Here we sink into states of spiritual passivity, bypassing our REAL emotions, wants, desires in favour of non-doing.

Yet all of these Real elements carry the truer soul direction of where we are being asked to go…

Of course it’s easier to stay in our comfort zones than it is to create the change that will actually make our lives easier

Think about this.

There are doorways to an easier, more fulfilling, enjoyable life – yet it often feels easier to stay where we are then to embrace it.

Because the fundamental process of Change scares us.

Well, let’s be more accurate.

It scares the part of us that has become addicted to the limitation.

Because limitation also serves us.


How on Earth could it serve us?

Perhaps it means I don’t need need to take risks – in case I fail. So I don’t need to show up in life.

Perhaps it means: I’d rather be here then try – so I continue to affirm a limiting reality where I can continue to hide, withdraw and feel safe.


Safety is one of the key factors behind a lot of our decisions when it comes to Change.

Being vulnerable doesn’t seem to create the energy of safety.

Yet vulnerability is Innocence.

It is who you truly are…underneath the personas and masks. It is your eternal childlike essence – always eager to explore.

When it comes to relationships for example, we cannot engage in intimacy unless we are willing to be vulnerable.

I spent many, many years hiding behind my shields and yearning for connection….This is a complete conflict! – something I only realised later.

One hand saying, come to me

The other holding a stop sign and saying, stay away!

Vulnerability is Self Love

To be vulnerable is to be honest.

To tap into your authenticity.

Behind the heavy masks and heavy shields.

It says: Ok I want to be lighter. So my life can be lighter. So my experiences feel lighter.

So here we redefine what safety even means.

Is it safe to stay in contentment, suffering, denying your soul’s natural innocent desires?

Or does this actually create more insecurities – I.e. creating more unsafety.

True safety emerges from empowerment, faith and living according to your soul’s wishes.

Break through to Your Life

My life has been a pendulum swing from shunning anything challenging, remaining in my comfort zones – to embracing Breakthroughs.

From a life of perpetual suffering or ongoing contentment where I would sacrifice my soul desires in favour of the status quo – to honouring my heart and soul’s desires as sacred.

In hindsight, in all of my Breakthroughs, I have had to make significant (difficult) choices at particular crossroads – or I have had to create the crossroads themselves!

I have had to embrace the Challenges rather than push them away.

I have had to make decisions that took me out of my comfort zone.

And this felt difficult because my Resistance was creating so much pressure not to do this.

Yet the results of Breakthrough, Liberation, Expansion are so rewarding that over time, the choices became infinitely easier once I realised I needed them.

And actually wanted them.

I now seek the challenges out because I know they make my life infinitely richer. They will still challenge me, yet my approach to them has shifted dramatically.

When our goal is to have an enjoyable and fulfilled life – this comes from embracing the nature of Change and Challenges themselves.

Destiny is Doing

I used to believe that everything will come to me if it’s meant to. And when great things happened it’s because it was meant to be.

For sure, in a way all elements of life are…yet this would also diminish the tremendous amount of free will, perseverance, action, dedication it takes to Break-through.

If we believe the challenges are easy, we often do not draw upon the strength, free will, action within us to make Change itself. Here we actually make it easier to Resist! It has free reign over our playground of life – to Sabotage.

I’m not writing this to say Change is immensely difficult, yet to show it’s not easy.

There’s a difference.

One can lead to continuation of what is not serving. We wait…..

One is a call to action.

Owning Your Soul’s Dreams

Eventually we come to say:

Look I’ve been dreaming too long and resisting too long,

Suffering too long with not living my soul and heart’s desires…

Waiting for too long, telling myself I’m ok with not really trying to embrace what my heart is calling for…

Now I want it

Now I am ready to receive.

I’m ready to try and keep trying

To be vulnerable and experiment

Because my Dreams are worth any series of failures that lead up to me actually living them.

Here the results are extraordinary…And those who have done this know this. It is like an open secret that is right in front of us, yet we cannot see.

I keep meeting so many Lightworkers, beautiful souls, who are waiting, and waiting, and I want to do what I wish others would have done for me:

Shake them up!

Isn’t a real friend someone who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear?

Spiritual positivities are an illusion if they are bypassing real feelings.

Make the changes in your life that your Soul is craving for. They will not disappear if you ignore them, they can often lead to depression.

Be brave and walk through the fire of your uncertainty and embody what your heart, your soul is asking for.

It is not easy. It’s not meant to be.

This is how we grow.

Yet you can do it. This is why your Soul is craving it. It 100% knows what you can achieve.

Experiment. Explore. Expand.

Reach out for support. For a step up.

Try new things. Follow your Heart’s Calling – not your fear’s sabotage.

Your Life occurs when you take charge of it and say Yes to it. Then it works for you.

Provides for you.

Gifts you.

Surprises you.

Magnetises for you….

Choose Life.

Namaste, Vaz


Here’s an inspirational video about Change, I created:

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