Accessing Your Sacred Gifts

We all come to the world with gifts. Many of which we are just totally unaware of. I remember a psychic reading where I was told I had the gift of writing and it would be a big part of my life.

I laughed.

My experience with writing in school imprinted the idea that I wasn’t good at it – and so I never even considered writing again. 

In another reading (I had many readings on my path), I was told I would be speaking in public.

I laughed harder.

Standing in front of a group of people and talking was definitely not something I would have done willingly.  Yet in hindsight I am and have been doing both. In fact writing is one of my greatest passions.  And deep down I knew I wanted to do things that were about Me and idealised Gifts…yet they felt like fantasies in my head.  

We all have natural gifts that are within us. These are both conscious and unconscious. 

We carry an array of abilities that are developed over lifetimes and are like multicoloured keys in our Wardrobe of Wonders. Most gifts are left in their dormant state because we do not activate them. Over the years I have come to see Gifts in three forms. And this analogy has helped me understand how to work with them. 

Natural Gifts, Learned Gifts & Nurtured Gifts

Natural Gifts may be a natural ability to make people comfortable for example. Or to be natural with Art or Speaking or Theatre.It’s just there and we seem to have it from an early age.However this can in many cases also be unconscious.  You can have gifts that are natural, dormant, that are not accessed because they haven’t been activated. My Writing example above illustrates this: As soon I tried to write, it didn’t take long for it to flow. This made me realise this was a gift that has been waiting, yearning to emerge.  

Learned Gifts are those that we learn along the way. The easiest explanation here is through Training. E.g. Yoga Teacher Training; Coaching; Knitting; Playing the Guitar… We may not have known how to do these on our own without assistance through training. 

And yet even Learned Gifts are not outside of you. I love this quote by Galileo: 

“You cannot teach a person anything. 
You can only help them find it within” 

So in a way these gifts are re-activated within, perhaps from other lifetimes of developing. This is also perhaps explains why we are attracted to the gifts in the first place. 

Nurtured Gifts are the most important aspect I have found. And it relates to the two above. 

Neither Natural Gifts nor Learned Gifts can develop or go anywhere unless they are nurtured. 

When I was younger I’d learn Reiki or experience Intuitive Training or Coaching or EFT and I would have these incredible skills. Yet what next? I would test out unsuspecting family members. I would take it out to the world, edgily. Yet what was I supposed to do with this gift or these gifts? Do I do work with one or multiple? What does it mean for my life? How do I take them into the world? Do they develop on their own because they are natural to me now? 

Eventually the fears, insecurities and uncertainty of what to do would merge together to cloud those gifts. Most importantly those gifts would not be nurtured. 

Nurturing Gifts involve looking at the Gifts you have holistically 

Just like nurturing a child with love, affection, guidance, course-correction can help them grow in magnificent ways…the same is true with your gifts. 

On one level your gifts absolutely need practice – real life practice – to develop.On another level, they have needs like the child does. To be nurtured means they require guidance, support to breakthrough and expand the gift, over-seeing. And like a child, they are seeking to be integrated into your life. 

And for many people, especially in these times of increasing consciousness, there are many gifts that you have that want to be integrated together. Interweaving in and out to bring great meaning for your life. 

For me, when I look at the elements in my life as children, or individually as a child, it allows me to work from the Heart. Yet it also allows me to understand them in a very unique way. 

So I leave you with the question, How can you Nurture Your Gifts? How can you Nurture what is within you? What is even calling to be Nurtured within you? 

Nurture Your Gifts

I created Trailblazer Academy to meet that missing element (that I and many others experience) following Activating Gifts and/or Accessing Natural Gifts. Including:

  • How to find your Natural Gifts.
  • Which Gifts are calling to be awakened.
  • How to nurture Natural and Learned Gifts.
  • How to integrate your Gifts.
  • How to create a loving environment to Nurture those Gifts into fruition. How to channel your Gifts outwardly to others. 

Learn more here:

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