The Power of Your Imagination

I love storytelling.

It speaks to a part of us that is always residing in imagination.

When we use story, we can understand elements of life much easier.

It’s no coincidence many great teachers who walked the planet used storytelling, or parables, to relay their messages.

It was a way for each person to understand the principle of the message through a means that they could relate to.

Don’t you just love a great novel or movie that taps into your heart and soul in a way that leaves you rippling with new ideas, ways of looking at the world?

I use this often in meditations and transmissions as its a powerful way of relaying core principles of unconditional love, spiritual growth and awareness.

And the power of Imagination is an incredible source of transformation that we are only just beginning to understand.

Think about it –

Visualise a Beach right now.

Imagine the waves washing up against the shore…

The warmth of the sun…

The purifying cleansing energy of the ocean soothing and nourishing your aura.

The soft sand warm against your toes

As you imagine this, even for a split second, something remarkable happened.

You entered another reality.A reality of your divine domain.

You began to access a scene that you created – and your entire body began to respond.

As you visualise a scenario or experience, your subconscious mind treats it as happening in the present. This is the key to such healing that occurs through guided visualisations, intentional work, healing and other ways that utilise this. This is also the key to open the Gateway to your Connection to Spirit.

When you are taken on a imaginary journey, something very real is happening on some level.

The emotions which are evoked within you of love, for your self are not imaginary. These are very real.

The subconscious mind is always watching and starts rewriting away – new beliefs, new ideas, new pathways of Being. In other words: Emotional, Mental, Physical Healing & Spiritual Expansion.

I used to think I wasn’t very good at visualising. So when I heard people say Visualise this or that, I would think: Ok sure, but it doesnt work for me. Yet over time I realised I was over-thinking it.

Visualisation isn’t as complicated as I thought it to be. In fact I had always been doing it. Most of my life I was continuously visualising negative scenarios in my head about my life so I was actually pretty damn good at it!!

When I train people to channel transmissions a huge part of my role is to re-awaken the ancient knowledge that every single individual has the power of Visualisation, Intuition and much more. Ultimately my goal is being an ambassador of Trust.

When you Trust in yourself

You Trust in the Divine

Just below is a visualisation I created a while back called Lemuria: Heart Centered Awakening with Mt Shasta. It’s just an example of many journeys that I create that work regardless of a person’s belief system in the specific content (in this case Lemuria). In fact I have shared this with many friends who have very different belief systems shall we say, who had incredible experiences. I love this because depsite our different ideaas about reality, as humans we all connect through the Heart and Soul.

If you are interested in Creating Meditations yourself – Yes you can do this! Check out my Lightworker Program which has core elements of creating space for this – awakening this gift within you. I have often found: if you are drawn to Meditations/Transmissions/Journeys of this kind, it is likely you have the gift within. More info here:

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