How can Trust Can Shift Your Reality?

How we perceive our own decisions, actions, feelings affects everything. 

If our self doubt spirals out of control, it rules all. 

Usually past experiences which didn’t go according to our own expectations lead us to believe we make bad choices & decisions.Inevitably this leads us to doubt in our very being. 


Procrastination. Indecision. Passivity. Fear of moving forward. Fear of manifesting ‘bad’ experiences. Believing we are blocked from our Intuition. Seeing the world spiral downwards. 

To trust in ourself is to slowly educate ourselves that Trust covers All areas. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ experiences… 

Here our trust is alive regardless of seeming chaos or the myriad of emotions we may be feeling. It is beyond all of our experiences, beliefs, stories. 

Essentially Trust is a Divine non-polarised quality that we incredibly have access to, always.

It says, no matter what is happening, I trust in something greater.

This greater something will always have the best interests of me and all. This greater something will also reveal wisdom, awareness, understanding. 

The paradox is that the key to access these paths and wisdoms, is to Trust. 

To trust when we don’t have trust seems to be an endless loop. 

Yet trust is a gateway that when invited into our life, begins to naturally widen and allow more of its sublime energy into our reality. 

I used to think I was so trusting. I had a strong faith in spirituality and in the Divine yet I was experiencing such low vibrational experiences & suffering. It took time for me to admit that actually I didn’t trust….myself.I was so hard on myself for everything I did and do, so how could I possibly it trust in All when I didn’t trust in me? 

Then as I deepened my spiritual practice I thought, Ok now I got it! Now I trust myself. Yet this was another need to ‘get somewhere’ that blinded me from what was really happening. 

Today I say to myself: I am on a long beautiful journey of re-trusting myself and I am always only at the beginning of that journey. To truly trust takes us into a place of great humility and vulnerability. We have to surrender our most dearly clinged beliefs in favour of something greater. Yet the magic is that, even small slivers of trust have the power to liberate us from that spiral downwards. 

Consciously bringing trust into our lives allows us to access the flow state of the Universe. We are ok with even distrust around us in what is happening in the world, as our trust is not bound by what others believe. It is allowing of everything.

 This is the beauty of trust.

It is not trying to change others or ourself.It is not threatened by anything.

It includes all. It simply wants to show that Life is designed,

down its core energetics -to Love All & Serve All.

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