In a time of setting intentions…

What is your relationship with Intentions & Manifestations? I have had a powerful journey with it and my views today are far different from when they began, as I’m sure they will be far different in time to come. 

In a time of setting your intentions, it is also a time of aiming lower. Because our expectations are rocket high.

In this age of perfection, we have largely been brought up on glossy fantasies of what (we think) we want. From the perfect relationship. To the perfect house. To the perfect career. It’s shining, with deer dancing around the picket fences and birds and angels singing in the distance. A nice little Disney version of life! And yet these incredibly high expectations have led to incredibly high levels of anxiety for so many, as it is creating a false idea of reality. 

It denies the real, authentic nature of life. Which is imperfect.

Well imperfect to our cosmic ideals. 

We make no room for the nuances, which is what life is really about.

The contrast – which is why we came here.

The challenges – which is what makes all experiences vitalising.

The experience of not knowing, which is why we chose to step through the veil.

The wonder of being surprised.

The experience of actually, meeting ourselves, through these reflections. 

When we drop the high expectations, and drop the mammoth goals, we begin to aim lower. And these lower goals begin to feel more realistic. 

We begin to stop fighting with a part of ourselves that is conflicting the manifestation, usually the secret part that is saying, no way can I have infinite abundance. That’s God Level mastery. Instead we begin to say, hang on – what is my idea of abundance?

Is it the top of the top of the top?

Of course its going to feel unrealistic.

What if I aim lower. 

We let go of the highly fantasised Perfect Disney partner or the idealised perfect spiritual twin counterpart…and have connections here with other souls – with flaws like us. And realise, hang on – This is Beautiful

We let go of the idea where we are meant to be in 100% aligned & in flow with the Universe, 100% of the time. Where our soul purpose & path is meant to be perfectly clear & in perfectly fulfilling, delivering us infinite wealth and infinite opportunities. And we ask – hang on, what if I can still be happy without this ultimate idea? 

We begin to aim for something far lower than the top of our ideals and well, we meet reality. Finally. We see it. We respect it. We respect ourselves, for reflecting it. 

In this way we still move – forward. And still aim for something that allows us to expand and grow into. And yet low enough for our being to feel comfortable in knowing we can reach. These greatly reduces the incessant anxiety & endless pressure we have during these times. The endless disappointment of not manifesting or creating these ultimate fantasies. 

What happens when we Let the top go. 
What happens when we:
Focus on middle.
Focus on the first 1/4 even?

 Here we find Life
And as they say, Life is where it’s happening.

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