We Believe in You

We are rising up together to embrace the energy of this new era. 
This is a year of Wide Possibility. The key is to embrace Faith, Trust & Surrender in deeper & deeper ways. 
This is a monumental time to Embrace whatever it is that is yearning within you.
It is ever important not to Overthink things
Endless analysis of making decisions or moving forward is what keeps us trapped in procrastination.
There is a difference between Stillness and Passivity.
Passivity is where we withdraw from Life – our Life.
We have lost touch with the sacredness, possibility, wonder of our existence.
Here we do not allow the Expression of our Soul, or embrace what our Soul is seeking.

Stillness is where we engage with Life yet find ourselves magnetised towards the Present with our Presence.
As we return to innocence, we are being shown that Life happens when we understand that All experiences are part of our Path. Therefore we learn from all experiences and each one reveals more treasures of our Strengths & Gifts.
As we Live from the Heart and walk our talk, we step forward with playful curiosity and know there are no horizons to life.
Trust in the experiences you are having.
Trust in the experiences you have already had. Your thoughts. Actions. Interactions.
They have all served you until this moment.
Trust also in your Soul’s desires.
They speak through your yearnings.
They can all be embodied….if you dare to believe in yourself
Millions are now awakening to their Divinity
Millions more are recognising that they have purpose, they have worth to create the life and lifestyle they desire.
We are all walking Home together.
2021 is a year to take your power back.
From ideas, beliefs, group thinking, others, your old stories
We do not need to fully understand our purpose here on the Earth.
We are only being asked to Believe…

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