Energy Update: Rooting in the New Reality

Here is a channeled mini Energy Update about these times. Hope it supports you on your journey:


You are living in unprecedented times where the future is becoming increasingly vague. Your society and reality has become dependent upon knowing what may come next. To feel secure with routine and continuity.

And so as you meet this new reality, it will naturally bring up fear as you try to navigate these new waters.

Yet you have been training for this with your Awakening process.

When you Awaken you are unplugged from a flow of one reality and opened up to a multidimensional view of existence.

This allows your consciousness to Remember and begin to anchor its roots within multidimensional reality.

Finding Your New Roots

Initially this is observed in your own reality through themes of Security, Home, Work, Safety, Money, Survival.

As you find your feet, literally, you are discovering how you connect and ground to this new – moving – reality.

All of your inner change has and is training you to engage a moving fluid changing reality.

As of now, this is the most accelerated form of fluid reality you have experienced…so far. It will continue to accelerate yet know this:

This new energy supports your authenticity.

It supports the Real You.

It is in harmonious alignment with your Heart.

So the key is as always to discover:

Who you really are.

What truly calls you.

Group Identity Security

To do this is first to recognise that you are always on your own on your journey.

This doesn’t mean you are alone.

It is to understand that your reality is yours & only you see it the way you do.

Therefore only you can change it.

Only you can decide the path you lead.

It may seem that thousands or millions share the same belief or idea about what is happening in reality.

Yet this could never be the case.

This is also a moving fluid area arrangement.

It is important to honour your own moving identity and whilst you may affiliate with others who share your ideas of reality: Know they are changing just like you.

As you disengage from this level of security you make a giant leap towards discovering your true awakening self. This also allows you to make quantum leaps that are not possible if you are tied to group thinking.

Choosing for You


You make choices for yourself. Not to fit in yet to be free.

To be You.

You take action for yourself. To Live

To Thrive.

You challenge strong beliefs and ideas that have dictated certain ways of living or what you think is possible.

You allow yourself to open to something more.

You engage from a more empowering version of your self.

You understand that this sacred time is one to use to experiment and unveil the Awakening You.


Every soul has a personal relationship with their own fears. Those who are not yet ready to see those fears as a part of their own holistic self will project these fears into their outside world.

Fears can never be extinguished, they will always find a way to be present so they can be met and faced – at some point.

The imaginary enemy is one that humanity must finally face before moving forward. Those who shout the loudest often desperately need others to see the world the same way they do, as deep down they feel insecure with their own beliefs.

There is a part that knows it doesn’t serve them and cannot feel safe unless all others share the same view.

The key is to know that each soul is on a unique journey and it isn’t to judge where anyone is at or to slide into superiority of those still entrenched in seeing fear in their world.

It is to honour the process of all yet – ensuring you are honouring yourself in the process.

What is Calling You?

During times of monumental growth you are most vulnerable.

Honour what you need for your process.

  • What do you need to surround yourself with?
  • Who do you need to surround yourself with?
  • What can help you elevate and elevate through these times?
  • What can allow you to face your own fears?

Your vibration is linked to your environment. Not just physical yet emotional, mental, and in this day and age the internet/television/entertainment.

The question then becomes:

What kind of Life do you want?

Your life is not limited to what the collective may be experiencing. This is your magic. This is your freedom.

During times of economic downturn the collective seems to say: everyone suffers.

This is not the case and is not for many, many who are choosing not to abide by that idea.

You can emerge through any collective idea if you dare to Believe.

What kind of lifestyle do you want?

What is Calling you?

Known & Unknown

Regardless of what occurs outside, there is spiritual wisdom within you that you have always had access to, that will help you persevere through these times.


Faith reminds you that you are not being asked to Know….

You are being asked to trust in something that is not yet ready to Be known.

When it is ready, it will be shown – and known.

For now, all you can do is navigate through what you are experiencing. Each twist and turn is carefully designed as part of this Greater Mystery, unfolding something for humanity.

A new world is birthing through each soul.

Through your insights, curiosity, realisations, transformations, healing.

Every moment you shift back to your Core,

Every moment you remember who you are,

Every moment you say Yes to what serves you and No to what no longer resonates…

You reinforce your relationship with this new energetic reality.

Eye of the Needle

Humanity is moving through the eye of a needle. As all of the density is being squeezed out, what is left is a lighter vibration, perspective of reality, awareness.

This process is far from easy as all that is dense is desperately trying to hold on.

Remembering this, even for a moment anchors you back into your natural alignment with source. Here, it is more than believing. It is Knowing. It is knowing without needing to Know how or why.

This is Knowingness. A place where you glide from experience to experience knowing each one is bringing you treasure – even if you are unable to see it in this moment.

It is a place that allows you to participate in Creation by exploring your passions and yearnings.

You are loved.


{Channeled from my trusty Soul Team}


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